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  1. This is being fixed. @Zero Twowill post when it's been completed.
  2. Which spawns are broken? CT? T? All?
  3. Wow, props to you. It's nice to see a kind worded denial to an admin app, with some positive encouragement. Good on you!

  4. I propose all CTs have a skin that has a sash around them that says “Hall Monitor”
  5. Hey man, do you mind making a quick video of what your referring to so its easier for us to assist in fixing the issue or clarifying if its an actual traitor room?
  6. Welcome to the community! Feel free to message me if you need anything!
  7. Update: !ready system - done captains/map veto - done automatic demo recording on live - done In Progress: pause option making sure spectators can't ready up command aliase Queued Up: Tracking stats web panel bug fixes courtesy of @R3TROATTACK
  8. @A Decently Paid Janitor https://easyupload.io/446osr
  9. I plan on making demos accessible to the public, but for now if there is a demo you would like please post here and fill out the below criteria: Date: Time: Map:
  10. For the sake of transparency here is what I currently have in the works: -new scrim plug-in designed with certain stats being tracked and a web GUI to go with it -captains pick and auto balancing based on adr features -removing password from server and opening it up to be a public facing scrim server -working with marketing team to potentially run SGSL over the summer open to public registration via reddit and other forms of advertisement - prizes are being deliberated on.
  11. kabLe

    Valorant Scrim 5

  12. kabLe

    Valorant Scrim 5

    Wow didn't know we had a liquid player managing our scrim server You insane dude!
  13. kabLe

    Valorant Scrim 5

    Valorant not CSGO chief