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  1. I looked at the population statistics everyday for a year and brainstormed with a team almost daily on how we can get more people into the server but since dafty is upset that jr doesn't know how to play the game to the same level as him his brain says lets change the password in an effort to get quality over quantity which shouldn't be the end goal for a community scrim server as aggravating as it can be. The end goal is to get players to fill the slots, why would you change the password to stop newer players from coming? If end goal was quality over quantity for every server it'd be time to shut down JB.
  2. Your right what would I know about the scrim server anyway
  3. Your gonna kill whatever momentum the server has.
  4. Y’all know homophobic means your afraid of gay people right?
  5. Not very convincing dawg
  6. If it's not an egregious act then why would you say its akin to saying faggot anyway? Let me make sure I have your words down correctly. Using a compound word where you're clearly just tacking on the f-slur to another word is akin to using the word itself. I don't see any wiggle room here. According to what you thought, typed, proofread, and posted, oldfag is no different from fag. So are you clearly not conveying your thoughts correctly or clearly misinformed?
  7. I've been using the term oldfag and newfag for longer than you've had a computer. Not one time had anyone in 15 years thought I was trying to skirt around a harassment or homophobic rule. If you want to say your banning "compound words" to avoid confusion is one thing, but if you think for a second I've ever said that to "avoid the homophobic slur/harassment rule" you're so wrong its unreal. This level of deductive reasoning is why "up to admin discretion" is such an impossible thing to implement.
  8. people bouta find out they not as good of friends as they thought XD
  9. In b4 thread saying it’s annoying getting smoked by a t because you had to give them a chance to drop a high caliber rifle