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  1. Unlucky really. I had 13 year award before awards went away but i guess time moves differently then how im used to I don't see that presidential award though champ
  2. That was real cute champ. Better luck next time
  3. I’m down for valorant but definitely want to get some csgo scrims in. Me and roux had a lot of convos on what to do with scrim and he poured a lot of time and effort into that server. Let’s show him we appreciate it.
  4. My fucking boy yo, cityboyz down today SG. Cityboyz down today....roux, I wish things were different brother. Your the homie and always will be the homie. I'm glad I got my trusty roux merch to remember you with as well as all the memories with the boys yall know who you are. Gone but absolutely never forgotten. Roux, I swear to fucking god, Cityboyz will be up a fucking million for you brother. Keep us safe. RIP to a fucking legend.
  5. What a crocodile amirite
  6. I'm only leaving my input here because I've seen it go from stafff to public so many times. By next year or a year after that it will go back. Also your admin app voting is a huge point of engagement for the forums. You get shitty responses a lot because the bar for responses has continuously been dropped over the years IMO. Up to yall but thats just my opinion as someone who has seen every single version of the admin app voting process.
  7. back to work slave

  8. I remember 07. Zombie Murder 4 Lyfe. Also can I have my 14 year badge now
  9. kabLe

    Chopper Bugged

    pretty sure that chopper bullied me
  10. kabLe

    Chopper Bugged

    https://clips.twitch.tv/PluckySparklingSkirretPeoplesChamp It shot me when I had tier 1 clothing which I dont think should happen but I could be wrong on that. But I KNOW that shit should not have shot me when I just spawned in naked with a rock XD @Steven.
  11. Oh yall thought we trolled on the forums? And now the squad can go troll in the most toxic game ever created. Be careful whenever you open your doors ape I’m not above door camping a whole night cycle with a double barrel @Noob^
  12. I'm almost positive that player models are just wrappings. I don't think that changes the hit box of a player at all. If you get a skin with a big giant head the heads hit box doesn't become this giant target it's still a regular sized hit box. @Darniaswould know more than me