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    Post Your Keebs!

    When did compact keyboards become popular, do y'all not understand that num pad > top row numbers
  2. Science has confirmed that if your a campaigner you are also a mouth breather
  3. kabLe

    Can everyone here that???...it's the sound of wavy blowing!! Whiff whiff whiff

  4. WavY

    Fun Fact: You blow!

  5. Hewlett-Packard...more like Huge Piece of junk. Good luck hope it works out!
  6. The motherboard documentation is generally what you would refer to for acceptable speeds. If the computer is currently running one stick at 1600 mhz with no issues then you should be fine getting another stick at the same speed. I can't find the motherboard model in the documentation for that specific model though. That's very odd that the HP documentation shows it only can use 1333 mhz while the installed stick shows its a 1600 mhz model. I would check bios to see what it's actually running at. I would say try this. If the 1600 mhz stick works then it is most likely being underclocked anyway. Seems like its cheaper to pick up the same one and let it under clock it. https://www.amazon.com/Hynix-PC3-12800-1600MHz-Unbuffered-HMT351U6CFR8C-PB/dp/B00A8M768E Edit: 2late
  7. Unfortunately, that tends to happen when games have yearly releases for over a decade. Modern Warfare was a reboot and brought back nostalgic feelings as well as a "next gen" feeling plus they enhanced the battle royale. There's not much they can do in a year of development to push the envelope. You started to see this happen with Assassins Creed until they decided that yearly releases hindered the quality of the games and now you start to see how they can take more time and polish up ideas. It's a shame cause the brand itself will sell no matter.
  8. Decided to do some campaigning, heres some pictures from the trip. @BoM Also made a political statement that is completely factual: @vinyl
  9. Or start with a solo/duo/trio 50 slot server and gradually increase slots based on how full you can get. Give it a 2 or 3x resource gather, throw some qol plugins like auto stack slap noob friendly on the title and your on the way. That's just my idea though Edit: could even have 4 day wipe cycles to push things along faster
  10. Gotta start somewhere
  11. I'd be down for this, would be cool to get our own pvp server or lightly modded rust server too
  12. criminal minds rocks bro

  13. ive door camped for 2 full night cycles close enough