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  1. Huge props to all the staff for making ze such an enjoyable experience! I’ll be sure to come.
  2. triou

    JB Throwback Event!

    looking foward to it!
  3. Mr. Teeth because I like the smile.
  4. This. It would be helpful to get some sort of preview for cosmetics.
  5. I would definately love to see this inplemented and I believe it would bring some sense of freshness towards jb. Though, I am not sure about the viability of this system. I do see nades being a bit broken as it can promote HE spam onto a ct at the start of the round and targeting of a ct that ts may not like (But since when are people coordinated). I see smokes mostly as annouing as it can get spam over the map making the situation more chaotic. Even so, I think tweaking nade usage can work though and be balanced for both ts and cts. Other items, like bump mines, will make maps like moonjail or arcade even harder for cts to enforce as maps with a lot of secrets mixed with items can make rebeling even more easier. I really seeing the system most effective on maps like electric revamp.