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  1. Not really related to SRs but is there any consideration to bring back tier 3-6 maps back? Or at the very least tier 3?
  2. In-game name: triou Time for submission: 57:19 Screenshot of time:
  3. Something similar to this ^. It doesn’t have to be major, just a small update alongside the jihad to spice it a little bit.
  4. triou

    Poem of the Day #4

    In a well-written essay explain the meaning of the work as a whole.
  5. triou

    Would You Rather!

    1) Inferno 100% better 2) KZ, movement much more enjoyable than 1v1 3) Get TTT outta here! ZE GOAT
  6. Congrats on your promos! Especially my man @Pog.
  7. I agree with the what is above. I would much rather have t ranks be based on kills than playtime. The main part of being on t side is to rebel and kill the cts so have that progression makes more sense.
  8. I don’t see the new era of crazy escape