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  1. Who's gonna tell Poobah he has to destroy 90% of the times for a 2nd time
  2. FanService

    Pog this u?

  3. Cry me a river. Was at work when I losted my response so only read original post. I have now read the rest and I still stand by my point, this role would add nothing of value. Besides time events for bhop and surf you better start suggesting some events or join ET mate. I will agree however impossible wasn't the right word to use.
  4. I'm an asshole who hasn't read the rest of the thread but I still gonna say my shit anyway. 1. Why add a new roll if we just got rid of some and consolidated others for sake of simplification. 2. Ranks and rolls aren't a garuenteed to way to incentivize activity. 3. This seems like stuff SA/CA should already be doing. 4. Not every sever has an event every month. So this requirement is kinda impossible.
  5. Did someone say FrostDrake victory no extends
  6. But the best part of Five Guys is feeling like a fat lard that should question some of their life choices
  7. One's insecurities really show with words like these
  8. Already getting abused 30 seconds later
  9. This thread is a shitbox Just wanted to say you got shit insurance if you paying 10k a year dont @ me
  10. Congrats everyone; especially my boy Taco-Toes
  11. Man I wish I could still go to the nurses office after doing shrooms then thinking I'm a philosopher and try to start deep meaningful conversations online with strangers
  12. I've spent $4,763.54 on CS case openings and probably lost three times that on gambling the skins I get from cases or won gambling. Finally chilled out cause gas be expensive.
  13. Naw mate should be Dr. Pepper