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    @lobsteruni ya gonna do it backwards now or you gonna make me have to do it
  2. Tacos but not those ass blasters from taco bell
  3. imagine being JA COULDNT BE ME AHAHHAHA NOOB ! cap you cant carry me only I can carry you.

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      not even a premium supporter COULDN'T BE ME adsfhafdahdsbcb

  4. Thanks for the congratulations boys, just trying my best to get my fav place poppin again Roddy I'll carry you all day everyday don't cap Thanks @Takuto @Paralyzed and @Maniac for being awesome SMs, the way you work and interact with the community is awesome and I hope to continue working with these awesome lads and the rest of the community.
  5. Last HP event we did had models so they are probably hiding somewhere in the fastdl or server files, and I would love to see our progress with our new group of Regs on an 'Extreme' rated map
  6. For awhile now point gain and loss has been disabled across all of our surf maps in rotation. The logic used to justify this was that not everyone know how to complete surfs, but I say that the surf maps we do have half of them contain tutorials and the others are for the most part simple surfs that can be done by just holding 'A' or 'D'. I understand that if you aren't familiar with surf that it can be really hard to grasp for some but other pick up on it quick. I just want to get a feel of the communities opinion. I have talked with a few people who feel that we should bring back points for surf. So I came to this thought why not bring back points, but have it be half/reduced loss and gain just like on the ZM maps we have. I know my idea doesn't solve the problem of people getting frustrated at failing and disconnecting, but that's a job for us who know how to to explain it for them if they need help. Just wanted to make this poll to see how people feel and also to anyone who wants to chime in who is familiar with surf but not so much ZE.
  7. Point farming although not explicitly stated in the rules, it use to be idk why it's not anymore, is being charged under griefing/throwing. I do have to agree though It being wrote out clearly would be a lot easier for everyone and would allow for easier punishment for it.
  8. By the time of the event we could prob stretch it to around that
  9. True us point goblins will still find a way to keep our 100 point lead
  10. 2x point gain for everyone, and normal point gain for us 3 would make the race a lot more interesting
  11. nerd

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      The Biggest

    2. Yoddr



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      Well thats not very nice now is it

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    Map leader

    That's how we had it up until Wesker stepped down been asking for them to reinstate it for like 2 weeks
  13. Think the shotguns and the AWP when it comes to ZM is fine for now, expect for I would say the XM1014 could use a little bit of a nerf due to its rate of fire making it easy to send a whole horde of zombies flying
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    Coke or Pepsi

    Diet Cherry Dr Pepper is cracked and by far superior to every soda don't @ me