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  1. Thanks for all you've done Wesker I was excited to see you at the helm keeping the sever going strong after I took a break from ZE. Cheers and Stay Healthy -Fan
  2. my man @Applilymoving up in the world, proud of you son
  3. Great event lads, gg on he rizo win. Lets not do l0v0l anytime soon though since it killed the server
  4. I think some form of skin rotation would be a good idea but to grind out points for a skin, for it to then be removed would be pretty sucky in my opinion. But other than that I would be down for a new point system that doesn't encourage the current point farming meta on the server.
  5. Time to carry some plebs on rizo a
  6. Never been on a ZE server that doesn't have dog shite zombie infect register. Usually hit register is fine below 20 or so players but once it start to get pop you get shitty knife range. As Wicked said this is mainly just lag between clients and there is only so much you can do to fix this