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  1. sounds like you at every event
  2. #1 shit #2 Sure I'll give you that one its a pretty sad emote #3 Shit iFunny meme #4 Not really something that could be used to convey haste and immediacy
  3. what fucking context are your supposed to be used in besides the second one
  4. RIP the 3-0 Astralis and 0-3 Flames pick'ems
  5. How are you not demoted for point farming smh jk
  6. Isnt .bz2 just a compressed .bsp I just download the .bz2 unpack using 7zip and get a .bsp i put in my maps folder
  7. When you too lazy to chop of a water mark
  8. Congrats Roddy continue the pinging king
  9. Great event boys...except for when the server crashed but awesome night all around, now if you'll excuse us me and @Reid99 are gonna throw up