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  1. When you too lazy to chop of a water mark
  2. Congrats Roddy continue the pinging king
  3. Great event boys...except for when the server crashed but awesome night all around, now if you'll excuse us me and @Reid99 are gonna throw up
  4. Come back dad we miss you But In all seriousness, Thanks to all the people the have been seeding during the day and staying until late at night. This is an amazing team effort but lets not get burnt out. ohh.... and one last thing. LETZ GET IT
  5. You didn't have to destroy that mans whole life like that
  6. See people this proves that becoming a ZE reg helps you become a better person and actually contribute to society Nate has made such a transformation
  7. Doesn't even know what gamemodes are smh my head
  8. ZM is based Kuri is shit
  9. Yeah scary movies totally nit time to shit my pants You already know just saying