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  1. Thanks @Nate.for pretending like you helped
  2. emmmm bruh You better be there mate
  3. Did someone say SCP and ZE in the same sentence lets go (I know its technically not the same sentence plz no bully)
  4. You also have to remember we have other outputs that take up the same real estate. That's the reason why things are printed on screen they way they are. Information like showdamage and the map vote I know off the top of my head print in the same location as the timer thuxys and nate are talking about. We just have to make sure we aren't blocking other important information.
  5. My mans just slammed his footlong on his desk and told us to get our asses in gear
  6. The burnout from this time period not only effected our staff team but some of the regs who also tried in the task of seeding and retaining pop. I personally spent more time playing ZE during those 4 months than sleeping, but would I say it didn't work... yes and no. Did we get pop and bring new players in and old heads back. Absolutely. Where we able to get these players to take initiative and integrate with the rest of ZE. No, I can only name a handful. But to say it can't come back anymore just isn't true. Correct me if I'm wrong but this isn't the worst the server has seen. ZE has and will always bounce back, unfortunately for us our last attempt just didn't stick aswell as we all would have hoped it would. With the correct individuals SG ZE can easily flourish. It will just take time for these people to hopefully stepup to the plate. Sorry if this is just a bunch of mispelled grammatically incorrect hoop-la I wrote this after a 20 hour shift. I guess what I'm trying to say is don’t give up hope yet
  7. Both my kids doing me proud Congrats @Nate. @Strayyz
  8. In-game name: Retuzy Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:92008785 Time for submission: 15:07 Screenshot of time: Video Submission (Optional):
  10. I mean you kinda started it, if you gonna ping a BD they will unleash the wrath of the higher staff
  11. Have to agree with the BDs decision on this one admin apps recently have been a bit iffy. This should keep them more serious. Like Gator and John have said it's not like no research is done before accepting an admin app if they have concerns they will make it know. But I do agree with opening it up to more than just SMs and CAs. Even if you just add SAs you have more people that closely interact with the applicants in the servers.
  12. Great idea have yet to find a big named CSGO crackhouse server I see this as an absolute win
  13. Event clearly says RUST and has a banner with what looks like small oil. Event has nothing to do with CS "YO I HAVE SOME CSGO MODELS" -Roddy