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  1. I know we are in the process of overhauling the server and maybe even splitting it into 2. But hear this suggestion. It could bring more people to the SG community. So we all know bhoppers are extremely competitive and bhop is more popular than ever. And we could use this fact to make it into an Esport sort of and get more people to support to the community. So this is the suggestion: We make a new server that is whitelisted so only people that buy 3 moths supporter rank can join. Also the only styles would be normal, scroll, d/w/a only and maybe sideways or half sideways And it resets every 3 months and at the end of the "season" the top ranking players wins money something like 100-200 $ split among the top 1-10 ranked people. And if you have to buy 3 moth supporter you pay 14.97 $ we only need about 14 people to become suporters in order to raise 200 $. And ofcourse this could be hard to pull off and we would have to really put our selfs out there so people know this is going on so maybe some sort advertisement to get it going. Personally i would probobly not have a chance to get top10 if we get some of the best bhoppers to join. But i think doing this could become something big. But more than anything i want to see bhop turn into an esport. Criticise this idea all you want but i really believe in this.
  2. losaren

    Bhop Bug/Crash Report

    Date: August 8 2021, but i remember it happening every time this map was one for like half a year. Map: bhop_exodus_fix Bug/Glitch/Crash: game freeze/crash on loading screen Additional Information: The game freeze on loading screen have to use task manager to close it down. Have tried waiting like 10 mins but nothing happens. I think it is a server problem because i have never seen anyone being on the server when this map is on. I have also tried deleting the map in the the map folder then when i connect the map download again but as soon as the download is done the loading screen freeze
  3. losaren

    Style suggestion

    well i dont rly play quake but dont you still need to strafe and use a and d you just get extra speed? And get more than posible in normal? With this you get the speed that you would get in normal with 99% perfection And you just hold space and move your mouse. And preferably combined with checkpoints But can someone elaborate what quake actually does?
  4. losaren

    Style suggestion

    Think i found it but sure if it is up to date tho https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=303795
  5. losaren

    Style suggestion

    A tas/autostrafe style i have seen it on some servers and im pretty sure someone here knows what im meaning What it is is pretty much you just hold space and point mouse where you wanna go and if you keep youre mouse still you get the highest theoretical speed gain. Also seen some servers that combine this with timescale and segmented in the same style. Personaly i think its fun a bit more relaxing not having to strafe all the time and it all comes down to routing. And even if you dont like playing it it is a good tool to find the best routs for map and see what jump are posible if you have the higest speed posible. I could not find a download link for the pluggin But here is a video showing it off
  6. losaren

    command suggestion

    i have tried that dont seem to do anything. And i was thinking more like it showing like map boundaries and roof that have collision would be usefull when playing grapple or rocket jump
  7. losaren

    command suggestion

    Can we get a command to show invisible walls. like show triggers but for invisible walls and block etc.
  8. dehthgun bhop_pinky_csgo_fix scroll looks like some spawn bug so he gets on top of map and beats it in 8 seconds (normal record is like 20 seconds) not cheated
  9. many of the records on bhop_blue_aux_csgo Not sure if it is the map but might be teleport glitch or something just cant figure out how it works. they get teleported on the first level to the last
  10. Would like to take the time to thank SG for all the good times i had back in the day. It is some thing i wont forget. Back in the good old days when Paul was making MG maps like Baaws that no one ever seen before and all those late night playing MG, Trikz, TTT and alot more. I dont have alot of time to play these days but it been great SG every minute on Sg servers have been worth it. And i wish the best for SG in the future. So i did a donation of 200$ wich is small compared to the good times i had in SG. And special tanks to those who made my time at SG a blast: Greate White Shark, Spartan, Beth, Paul, MPQC, Crazy swede, Lonewolf, Paralyzed and many more (sory cant remember everyone). I hope SG`s future has nothing but greatness and goodness. Best regards -Losaren
  11. losaren

    Chat broken?

    Was playing on the server alone today and when ever i type anything in the chat it does not show. And i get this message in console: "Tried to look up command say as if it were a variable." can anyone verify? It does not apear to be a problem at my end
  12. as for the prombem finding the server when you are in EU i think thats just the way it works. Here is an example for a search with no ping cap it does not find any serers above 100ping. So it will be kinda hard to find new EU players and most players would not mainly choose a server that they have 80-100+ ping on wich i would say most eu players have on our server see server not found no ping cap and searched as long as you can
  13. Might be true but the majority of other MG serers that i have checked on both CSS and CSGO have autojump and those seems to be more popular then those who does not. And as i said i am strongly against autojump and i hate it but this is the facts.
  14. as bhop is now i think it is on a good level not to hard or easy. If we added autojump every one could bhop and at insanity speed but with the experience i have most of the players enjoys this but i might bring more players. BUT IM STRONGLY AGAINST autojump.