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  1. Kiwi

    how you doin nerd

  2. Kiwi

    y r u stalking me u kreep. I play cal-o man that was a bad day I'll do better next time I swear.

  3. Harry

    was just checking random faggot's screenshots and saw Steam Community :: Rabu #Saranghaeyo :: Screenshots , are u a wizard?

  4. TAKE THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW. Just kidding I don't curr brahh. <3

  5. Just a joke in my signature bro ;)

    If you would mind it :p

  6. lol they do? I thought only k00l k1dz say it. But, then again...some girls like to admit to having a penis...soo, maybe that qualifies as k00l k1dz material, too...thus making all girls k00l k1dz. Are you catching my drift?

  7. How come all gurllzzzzzzz say bee tee dubbz?

  8. Kiwi

    Lost All Credits

    I feel bad for you.
  9. k good to know for future ones :)

  10. ps we have a section where admins request increase/perms. You don't have to use the dummy section.

  11. Drox

    "Get your paws off me, you damn dirty ape" Was the quote, it was said right when Ceasar started the rebellion and that one keeper with the taser said it. lol