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  1. WAIT WHAT!? I hought I would NOT have to come back if Greggy actually made it to 3:rd!? And here I have been advertising and spamming steam friends to join ZE for several days D: Also, congratz on 3:rd
  2. Don't u DARE screw this up! I can't go back Greggy, I CAN'T DO IT!!!! YOU HEAR ME! DON'T LET @Black Rain TAKE MEE!!!
  3. **After spitting out coffee** WAIT... I will do what now!?
  4. ze_potc, without the cancerous teleport back to spawn. Usually 25% of the humans was zombiefied before reaching the bridges, 50% after the bridges. It made it more intense and exciting to beat. How I loved to take the secret caves with the traps and the launch-exit. And then to defend the ship, which was insanely hard to do xD
  5. It's fun to see @Paralyzed back again as an orange and running ZE. *Deja Vu' feeling* And I'm sure @Leon Mordecai are doing a great job as well. It gives a me a feeling of that yet today ZE are in great capable hands
  6. Point is, Paul would still do such fun things in Napalm as well ;)
  7. It won't be at its fullest nostalgia without @Paul in his insanely huge T-rex model
  8. Not going to take any sides regarding the tower. But while we're in contact with the map maker, could you PLEASE have that map exploit fixed where prisoners can grab a deagle from the armory without actually getting inside of armory? @Nimmy
  9. Merry Christmas!! :eagerllama:

  10. I must say that I LOVE the forced deathgames. It has put so much more variation into the game. Problem as it is right now though is that there's too much grey area. Can't we just skip that greay area alltogether and just say that: Only map made death games can be forced. All other death games such as simon says are voluntarily. That way we won't eventually have to end up with a huge list of forbidden forced death games such as fish in a barrel and so forth.
  11. Perhaps you shouldn't try to fix it? Remember how Valve blacklisted a lot of servers who had custom knives on their servers. Perhaps this will be the same since gloves/hands are now custom paid content on CSGO. Just a thought that perhaps you higherups should discuss with each other?
  12. Thomson summarised it up pretty well. Besides, since I have started playing recently I don't hear that much complaining about the bhop nerf tbh. To be frank I would hear more when bhoppers would bhop far ahead of the team in ZE before the bhop-nerf.
  13. I am curious as of what @Pan32 would have to say about this? He's the one with a tech-sawy mind. Personally my knowledge about hitboxes is VERY limited. So I'm going to stay out of this