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4x Discord Nitro Giveaway! [Discord Hunger Games]

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Ik my banners are shit, deal wit it.

Hunger Games

+ 4x Nitro Giveaway

If you don't already know for the past few weeks we have been doing a few discord hunger games events 😄. There an automatic style hunger games competition where members can compete to see who is that weeks Most Powerful Member! Thanks to @Steel_ for this month every winner will also be getting gifted discord Nitro! We've already had the first winner a few days ago so there are 3 more to go! On top of this you will get a permanent Hunger Games Victor role as well as a week long Most Powerful Member role! 



When? & Where?
The competitions are held every Friday and start sometime at noon and last a few hours! You can join up in the #hunger-games channel in the discord and use /join to join that week's competition! You can also checked the pin messages to check out the past hunger games events!


Click on the Discord icon below to join our discord and participate if you haven't already!


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