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  1. Exactly!!! With threads and new forum features being implemented into discord itself, why is there a need to revive the forums now. With a better flow of information, more shit can be done. The rearrangement of the server sub forums shouldn’t be a priority. Discord is the future Wait what? So the two SG servers that do get a steady 6-10 player base throughout the day will not be capitalized on? What is the main focus of SG right now if it isn’t these servers?
  2. @20 scrollsthey literally demoted yo ass
  3. Since when could the FBI break into our safes? UNBELIEVABLE.
  4. The discord moderator role is already a thing? ZZL brought it up whether the role is staying and Gentoo was arguing whether or not the role is still needed.
  5. The discord is the most active server SG has now. I wish the best to all the server managers and do hope the community servers do well but if SG would want to grow, discord is the best bet. I do agree that by having such a broad spectrum of games makes it extremely hard for the discord to get good retention though. As for the actual discord team, I agree that the CA+ side of SG should be the moderation team but having a separate role like discord moderator will help grow the moderation team without having to promote people to CA if they want to focus on discord moderation alone. The role should just stay as a mini CA/IA.
  6. gave this mf hg 🤮

  7. Idk Acer they need to crack down on bad behavior Ex:
  8. y’all have GOT to be lying