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  1. September 21st 2022 Channels Moved #starboard into the announcements category Added new chat, #levels Chat used for the new leveling system! Other misc. channel updates Including removing the #discords text channel Hunger Games After a small hiatus the hunger games will be starting back up every weekend! Welcome Messages Removed link to squad discord in our welcome messages Leveling and Awards System A custom leveling system has been added which features level rewards and roles! All level related things can be found using /profile A custom awards system has been added called commendations and will act as a discord version of forums awards! Awards can be seen using /commendations To receive your awards please open a discord ticket and state which awards you would like to receive (like how it is done here, on the forums!) This bot was created by me from scratch so I hope you like it Make sure to report any bugs/issues you might find!! Also big thanks to @Nishok for helping me out a ton <3!
  2. thanks for letting us know. We are aware of it and me and nishok are working on fixing it thanks
  3. I mean just to give input because I've been recently playing JB and poping it. The T Menu is really only unbalanced when there are not many people on. The T menu is really completely balanced when there is a med-large pop size on and it really just makes playing T more enjoyable because the CTs need to watch out a bit more. Overall the few hours I've played the last few days the T menu has been fun to have and 1 extra gun when you have 5 CTs and many Ts doesn't really do too much other than open more opportunities if the CTs make mistakes. There is a problem with it though and that's the scaling. It has none. I think to get the best of both worlds it definitely needs to have a scaling aspect. Like when there are less than 3 CTs you can't buy a gun or when there are like 6 CTs you can buy 2 guns and more tasers, etc. Some sort of scaling mechanic, even if its just the menu is partially disabled until there is enough players on, I believe will greatly improve the idea. Completely removing the T menu though I think is not the way to go because when it works well with a decent population it makes for some enjoyable moments as T.
  4. Hello everyone today is the last call for participating
  5. Huge thanks to @crazedkangaroo for a fire banner! Please thank him The Trials of Beldroth Hey guys welcome to a different style MC event! This time we will be doing a community based Complete the Monument (CTM) map! All players who join will be working together in order to reach the final goal of collecting all 13 music discs! This map is very large and will probably take multiple days/sessions to finish. Due to this being a different style of map which requires a lot of working together, the process of joining will be a bit different. What are the Trials? In The Trials of Beldroth, you must conquer a series of grand landscapes and tight corridors to claim the 13 discs and restore the monument. This map features extensive custom mechanics, enormous areas and a unique upgrade system. The map uses datapacks and features to alter the experience between difficulty levels. This offers a fair challenge for newer players and a significant one for veterans. How Do I Join? As mentioned above joining will be a bit different than normal! I ask that if your interested please comment on this post and I will contact you either on discord or on the forums with additional information We do have limited slots in this adventure so I apologies if we are already full by the time you comment! Trust me when I say this is a very fun and beautifully made map with tons of hours of fun in store. I highly suggest if your interested in a Minecraft survival questing style gameplay come join! When? Starting Sunday! More info will be given to those participating We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet! Click on the Discord icon below to join us.
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  7. Make sure you check out the #hunger-games channel in our discord and join for a chance to win discord nitro!
  8. yesssir we playing scp after the community meeting come join!
  9. We playing SCP Secret Lab! Come join up
  10. Ik my banners are shit, deal wit it. Hunger Games + 4x Nitro Giveaway If you don't already know for the past few weeks we have been doing a few discord hunger games events . There an automatic style hunger games competition where members can compete to see who is that weeks Most Powerful Member! Thanks to @Steel_ for this month every winner will also be getting gifted discord Nitro! We've already had the first winner a few days ago so there are 3 more to go! On top of this you will get a permanent Hunger Games Victor role as well as a week long Most Powerful Member role! When? & Where? The competitions are held every Friday and start sometime at noon and last a few hours! You can join up in the #hunger-games channel in the discord and use /join to join that week's competition! You can also checked the pin messages to check out the past hunger games events! Click on the Discord icon below to join our discord and participate if you haven't already!
  11. Hey to allow people to join who haven't seen I'll be doing the pull at noon tomorrow Tonight seemed too soon right after announcing it
  12. only 5 spots left make sure to join us
  13. New Discord Bot Come Join Up! We gonna be starting the hunger games at the end of the day today. Come do /join in the thread to prove yourself as the most powerful SG Member
  14. We'll its only for this month. Speaking of which, the month is almost over and the server will be shutdown on the 30th. Bigger MC stuff is in the making Next event soon
  15. Thats been on my list of things to do. I guess I'll do it rn
  16. Maintenance done! Server back up
  17. Server will be down at 4:00pm EST for around 5 minutes as we add plugins to the server. 1.19 now has plugin support so claiming, mcmmo and some other stuff will now be added
  18. its in the thread Also the name doesn't matter its just for you to keep organized!