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    MC FTB Server Release

  2. Acer

    [MC] FTB Revelation

    Server Released
  3. Acer

    [MC] FTB Revelation

    releasing in 15 minutes
  4. Acer

    [MC] FTB Revelation

    Sick Banners made by the events team below: FTB Revelation We've decided for the modpack of this month to try out some FTB. FTB Revelation is one of the most popular modpacks and also the largest modpack FTB has ever made so please enjoy What's FTB Revelation Revelation is a general all-purpose modpack with optimal FPS, server performance and stability. This is the largest pack ever built to date by the Feed The Beast Team. Revelation is not a themed pack nor a focused pack, its a pack designed to cater to a large amount of players, whether you like tech mods, magic mods, exploration, building or all of those then this pack is for you. Normal SMP Rules How Do I Join/Install? FTB has actually been taken off of CurseForge and uses its own app on Overwolf (Curseforge parent app) We are using the NEWEST version 3.5.0 FTB App: Pack Link (Can be Downloaded on App not here) When? Starting 1/8 @ 9 PM EST Ending 2/1 Where? We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet! Click on the Discord icon below to join us.
  5. Updated the commands you guys have access to
  6. Server Up! After some big plays from @BoM please thank him
  7. We delaying an hour because we having some difficulties with ports and a bunch of minecraft garbage.... maan i do hate minecraft sometimes especially when it acts all good and then fucks up
  8. 45 minutes until server release!
  9. Acer

    Prox Chat 1.18 SMP

  10. Huge thanks to @Valk for the last minute timer! Ik you all loved Creten's but this one is actually fire! HOLIDAY 1.18 SMP WITH PROX CHAT! (& Claiming) Its been a little bit, but recently I've been reminded about a newly released huge modpack! Now this modpack is actually sick, you build bases, level up, use skill points and conquer vaults. Like what is there more to want in a modpack. Minecraft 1.18.1 SMP For this happy holiday week we decided to take a turn into the land of SMP once again SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer. This will be a vanilla experience with the only difference being the addition of proximity voice chat!! We hope this leads to some fun interactions as you guys experience the new 1.18 update! Important Info + Commands: How Do I Join/Install? You can install using Curseforge or by manually installing forge and the mod from Curseforge! The easiest option is to select "Install" with the CurseForge logo, it will set it up automatically with Forge. Curseforge Link (1.18.1): BOTH FABRIC OR FORGE WILL WORK! Forge Link (Manual): When? Starting Tonight @ 12 Midnight 12/27 Ending New Years* (or later) 1/1 Where? We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet! Click on the Discord icon below to join us.