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  1. at least you mark my events as past events. What more could i ask for.

  2. i think i should do all my events with comic sans from now on. just for you
  3. Thanks @thuxys for the banner Also thanks to @BloodBlades, @Damon, and @Dom for helping de_fenestration MG is back with another interesting to say the least event. I've been a lazy bitch and have been sitting on the one for a few months now so hopefully you guys will have as much fun with it as I did. WHEN? Sunday, February 21st @ 5PM EST WHERE? The CS:GO MG Server! WHAT IS DE_FENESTRATION? de_fenestration is a popular twist on the regular old hostage gamemode made by 3kliksphilip. Instead of the CT side attempting to take back the hostage, they already have the hostage from the start. Their goal is to bring him back into the middle of an arena style map while facing the T side to win. If you want to learn more about the event you can check out some of the videos the creator made about it on his channel. Haven't joined the discord yet? that's disappointing... don't be disappointing, join
  4. This is just facts. Doesn't even need to be stated its just known. For real though congrats guys. You guys have worked really hard, nice job. Also 2 of these guys are on the events team... Events Team best Team. The data doesn't lie.
  5. If you don't have it already you are a lost cause. WTF are you doing with your life. phhhf you're worse than @20 scrolls Also thanks @John and @Kopsta <3 Finally after many months gmod is here!
  6. Acer

    Jack! box

    Hey sorry everyone, I had some medical needs that took up a few days. I will be rescheduling this at a later point in time when I have everything sorted. Sorry again, it will be back very soon
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    Jack! box

    thank you gween loved it too
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    Thank @thuxysfor the fire banner <3 Also thanks Jack for making more games, keep doing it. Jackbox Party Games Jackbox is back once again! Since it has been some time since we did one and it's always a grand old time, here we are. The new party pack came out recently and it is amazing, pack your funny and lets make some jokes about @Chad's mom. WHEN? Sunday, February 7th @ 4PM EST WHERE? Our Discord! WHAT ARE JACKBOX PARTY GAMES? Jackbox Party Games are just fun little minigames you can play with 8+ people, but you can play as an audience member if you can't join the room as a regular player. You can connect to the games through a code that will appear on stream so you can play along. The minigames we will play are in the newest Jackbox party packs! See you gamers there !!
  10. @20 scrollswhere do you get all your money to pay them off I don't understand c o n g r a t s t h o u g h i g u e s s
  11. maybe i'll actually be able to finally make one raid sim is fun af
  12. I do like where this change is headed. While some people could make the argument that this change does promote this rank chasing attitude (the attitude of chasing and only seeking out people with ranks like CA) but, I do think you are incorrect. Rank chasing will always be present in anything with a structure of power, but I do not believe this change will create much more of it. Of course, it could affect a few people's votes, but if you are ready for a staff position or you are not ready, the majority will still be the truth. Not only that but, CA+ votes and general staff votes have always been "worth" more than random reg votes; This system is not that much different. Another point is that CA+ are usually not as active as the rest. Now I do believe this is true to an extent, but you do have to take into account how many JAs/SAs there are compared to CA+. Just looking at pure statistics, there will always be someone more active as a JA/SA. This idea, you will not be known by any of the CA+ when you are applying well, that's on you because then you aren't ready and haven't bonded and or been with the community long enough. Going with this point, I think we will see a lot more activity with CA+ anyway (though for the most part, their activity was all ready great). Especially at the higher ranks activity is heavily monitored and while, before a person with not the best activity might be fine, their activity will show a lot more now through this system. Anyway, IDK why I am even writing this not planning on applying in the foreseeable future lmao so, it doesn't really matter to me :P For real though, it's good to see this change. I do think it will bring a lot of beneficial aspects with it, including a raise in general qualifications and quality of people in staff positions.