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  1. Acer

    MG Battle Royale

    Thanks to everyone who came and hung out!! Event is over! Also thanks to @Damon for helping make the event possible!
  2. Acer

    MG Battle Royale

    Event starting now hop on MG to get some victories
  3. Acer

    MG Battle Royale!

  4. Thanks to @thuxys for the amazing banner! Minigames Battle Royale BR is back! Due to its high requests CS:GO's unique Battle Royal is here on MG once more! Players are spawned into a large map where they have to arm themselves with guns that spawn around the map. You better rush mid because the best guns are located closer to the center! Rounds are quick with well-designed maps and the closing-in zones! Come join us, we can't wait to see you guys trying to get your SG Victory Royales. When? 5:00PM EST Thursday November 12th, 2020 Where? MiniGames: Map List br_electrified br_bridges_v1 br_flood While your here, make sure to join our discord! Click the Discord icon below to join!
  5. Rust would be sick ngl
  6. Yoddr


    1. Acer


      I spent like 5 minutes just wondering what to write but I gotta say you've stumped me. I'm just confused.

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      TF2 you can use it for a event for TF2 ;p

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      how did your big exams go today mate

  7. Yoddr

    go claim your game noob :P

  8. Thanks to everyone who came it was a lot of fun and hopefully we will be doing this again soon! Also thanks again to @Black Rainfor setting up the server and helping a ton with the event!
  9. Event is starting now! Come join us on the server and in discord!
  10. Event starting in about 5 hours!
  11. Bump, event tomorrow!
  12. Acer

    Left 4 Dead 2 Versus!

  13. Special thanks to @thuxys for the banner! & @Black Rain for help with the event! What is Left 4 Dead 2? Left 4 Dead 2 is an action-horror FPS set in the zombie apocalypse. You and your teammates must fight through hordes of zombies, special infected zombies, and even the boss zombie named Tank to make it to the safe room. In versus mode, two separate teams take turns playing as Survivors and the Infected, competing for points each round. The goal of the Survivors is to reach the safe room while the Infected will fight against them to prevent it. Points are earned only on the Survivor team based on distance traveled and number of Survivors alive, along with some other point bonuses added as well. The team with the most points is declared the winner. Why should you play? The game is on sale for only $2! What a steal! & A big new update just dropped! & Back Rain built a 20-player slot server for us to use! This allows us to do a huge 10 v 10 instead of the normal 4 v 4 As Black Rain has said, "MORE CHAOS = MORE FUN! YAAAAAAAAAAAY"! Where? Open your console and type "connect" without the quotes We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet! Click on the giant Discord icon below to join us. When? October 3nd/3th @ 6:00PM Which campaign are we playing? We will be playing the new The Last Stand Campaign in versus mode!