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  1. Acer

    Scrim Mega-Mashup Week

    Bump! Event starting tomorrow!
  2. Congratulations everyone and welcome to the team gween!
  3. Acer

    Time Travel Day 5

    Going off of Day 4. You can never time travel to same place in the same time twice if you didn't know you would already. Meaning you always only have one chance to matter what technology you have. Make the right choices, you only have one shot.
  4. Acer

    Time Travel Day 4

    Something like that sure.
  5. Acer

    Time Travel Day 4

    but in the past you already would have. If you didn't change something now, it will never be changed. Now is now, when your in the future going into the past is still now.
  6. Acer

    Time Travel Day 4

    If an event happened already you can never change it even with time travel. It is only the events that would have happened that you can keep from happening. Everything you involve yourself in blocks your future self from changing.
  7. Acer

    Time Travel Day 3

    If you were ever about to die, your future self could save your present self because your future future self saved your future self.
  8. Its been a great time for ZE with you. Hopefully it will continue. Thanks for everything you've done.
  9. If only the PS5 actually released on the correct date smh.
  10. That seems like more of a map issue than overall server issue.
  11. Time travel would possibly allow someone to know anything. (Using a causal loop)
  12. Acer

    Scrim Mega-Mashup Week

    Probably, it wasn't in my mind when doing it but he has done most of these I believe.
  13. Acer

    Time Travel

    You wouldn't know for sure but it would be the only explanation for it happening. Like let me give you an example: You remember a date and time with the event of putting a sticky note on your pc that says :). If you go to bed wake up on the date and see there is a sticky note on your pc you would know it was your future self.
  14. Acer

    Time Travel

    Yes but that action you thought of exactly because if it happened you would know and realize its your future self doing it. That's why the event is not random but a chosen event you chose when also thinking of the date.