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  1. Come join us @ 8 today for the last of the MGT, a chill elevator experience!
  2. Switching to murder!
  3. Switched a bit ago! Enjoy
  4. Heyyy yo the MGT switches tomorrow @ 6. Come join us in discord for some good old Guess Who! FUN! (personally my favorite gamemode btw)!!!
  5. MGT released enjoy!
  6. Yoo MGT releasing in 3 hours Also woops on one of the parts it said Saturday instead of Sunday, fixed :P
  7. MGT starts tomorrow :0
  8. Pile of thanks to @John for helping setup EVERYTHING. Mans crazy... no joke. help. Also huge thanks to @crazedkangaroofor the banner!! Garry's Mod Alllll righttt. Another MGT here, this one is cool. Very cool. Since we missed last months MGT thanks to SOOOMEBODY @BoM JK , we've brought it back with one of the biggest MGTs we've had all year! A whole weeks worth of gamemodes in gmod (what could be better... That's right nothing). Sooo this MGT is a little bit different :))). Every two days we will be having a set meeting time so we can experience evvverything that will be going on! On top of that, every other day the gamemode will SWITCH allowing us to get the best moments out of all those gamemodes we never get a chance to play! What???? huh. Excuse me even Starting on Sunday 23rd almost every other day the gamemode will be switched to something new. It will then last like a normal MGT and be up for that day and the following as well. The gamemodes in order will be: Sunday-Tuesday: Hide and Seek Wednesday-Thursday: Guess Who! Friday-Saturday: MURDER Why should you play? Excuse me did I hear that correctly. More like why shouldn't you play. These are some of the best gamemodes gmod has to offer and it will be an amazing time for not only some nostalgia but also some great moments. If you've never played any of these I highly suggest you try them out! AND if you have tried them... ik your not even reading this because you wouldn't even think about not joining in on the fun. When? Sunday @ 8:00pm EST (Also on Twitch!) Wednesday @ 6:00pm EST Friday @ 8:00pm EST Where? Open your console and type "connect {IP}" without the quotes We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet! Click on the GIANT Discord icon below to join us.
  9. First time I've actually participated in an operation and got diamond on it. I'd say it was quite fun and was a good refresher.
  10. Acer

    TF2 Update

    If you don't yet know Gaben the man himself recently said on a panel they have a TF2 update played and also solutions for the hacking/bot issue. Do you guys think this will actually be big or just another small little "update" value likes to put out. @Poke @Black Rain @Greggy G
  11. Jmc

    Definitely a female gamer

    1. Acer


      finally someone found out the truth

  12. Acer

    Rank System Feedback

    yeah what @BloodBlades said I have no idea why anyone would get points for planting. Even defusing seems weird to get points for unless its when enemies are still alive. If everyone is dead why get points for defusing, you should really just get points for winning the round only.
  13. Just show up in the discord on the 17th and you are in
  14. this game is actually really fun. cant wait