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  1. Acer

    Competition Hunger Games

    Hey to allow people to join who haven't seen I'll be doing the pull at noon tomorrow Tonight seemed too soon right after announcing it
  2. Acer

    Competition Hunger Games

    only 5 spots left make sure to join us
  3. New Discord Bot Come Join Up! We gonna be starting the hunger games at the end of the day today. Come do /join in the thread to prove yourself as the most powerful SG Member
  4. We'll its only for this month. Speaking of which, the month is almost over and the server will be shutdown on the 30th. Bigger MC stuff is in the making Next event soon
  5. Thats been on my list of things to do. I guess I'll do it rn
  6. Maintenance done! Server back up
  7. Server will be down at 4:00pm EST for around 5 minutes as we add plugins to the server. 1.19 now has plugin support so claiming, mcmmo and some other stuff will now be added
  8. its in the thread Also the name doesn't matter its just for you to keep organized!
  9. please remember end is off limits until friday night
  10. Whitelist is being constantly updated so right when you post feel free to check if you got whitelisted. There are multiple people checking with notifications so it should be quick Please remember end is off limits until Friday night. Disclaimer: Since this version is so new with no plugin support any breaking of the rules (ex: griefing, extreme trolling, etc) will be met with an instant perm ban from this and all mc future servers. Anyway enjoy
  11. Thought I do another one of these quick event/meetup style posts for SCP! Come hop on and join it will be quite fun and if its like last the the server is going to fill up quick so better get in before it does!