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Hello everyone,


If you were at the most recent community meeting there was a point about bringing back the TF2 servers under a new direction compared to the previous Arena/Versus Saxton Hale of the past server. This thread is for you guys to decide what TF2 game mode(s) you would like to see and even play. If a game mode is not mentioned please feel free to post it in the reply to this post.


Firstly, Casual Alternative, this will be a casual alternative meant for players who don't want to play casual because of cheaters and other reasons. A server like this will include:

  • A collection of the "main Game modes" 
  • Payload
  • Attack/Defend
  • King of the Hill
  • Control point

Personally I think this has the most potential to succeed in the modern TF2 climate as people are sick of cheaters ruining the game. This also has the most flexibility for events as its easy as switching the map for an event


Secondly, TF2 Jailbreak, Similar to CS:GO jailbreak players on the red team have to either survive the guards orders or rebel and kill all the guards. A server like this will include:

  • Typical jailbreak rules
  • TF2 jb maps are practically the same as CS source maps
  • A warden

This is another great option for players who like jb but are sick of CS:GO jb. This would be a complicated server to implement IMO but it could easily be done with a little elbow grease. If you have questions on specifics of how TF2 jb differs from CSGO jb I'll be happy to clarify in the reply's


Thirdly, Death Run, This game mode you have to make it to the end of the map whilst avoiding traps set off by one of the payers trying to stop you. A server like this will include:

  • 1 death you're out rule
  • 1 player is randomly picked to push buttons and try and stop other players
  • first person to the end wins

One of my favorite game modes, I've only really seen a few servers full that run this kind of game mode, If you're a fan of ZE this is a great choice


Lastly, 24/7 Two Fort or Hightower, This is another extremely popular choice among TF2 players who just want to join a server and kill people without having to worry about an objective ruining their killing spree. A server like this will include:

  • Either Two fort or Hightower being the only map being run on the server
  • Objectives disabled (no flag on two fort and no carts on Hightower)
  • A place where people go to fight 

This is a great choice if you're into a DM style of gameplay, no objective means no interruption. This is one of the most popular modes for TF2 players thus leading it to be "over saturated" making it hard for a server like ours to stand out if you don't already know of the server.


All the choices have potential to do well, that's why I'm curious to hear your opinions on the matter and what servers you would like to see (in TF2 if course). The reason why the TF2 servers before have failed was poor mode selection, as arena isn't a popular mode now a days. So if you have any thoughts and opinions regarding TF2 servers please let your thoughts be heard.

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I've moved this to the Suggestions Box and pinged everyone who is CA+ to respond here. We'll exercise complete transparency with this and discuss this start to finish publicly, with only extremely private details being restricted, if there is any. A big reason for this is to hear from all of you and give you all the opportunity to be more closely involved in our decision making and help us to realize any flaws prior to going through with it.


Obviously me being me, I'm very intrigued at the idea of TF2 Jailbreak, and would love some further elaboration from you if possible. What's so difficult about implementing it, and is there much competition? And if there's little competition, is there a market for it to your knowledge? I'd also be curious to hear from anyone who has played both CS:GO and TF2 Jailbreak to list the major differences, including yourself.


I think putting serious effort into the game can yield notable results, but I don't think we really did that to the best of our ability last time. My mindset is that if we dip our fingers into the game enough and gather some decent regulars that are TF2 inclined and move them up the ladder of our ranks, that'd be the best way to build a foundation there. And I think if we carry that mindset going in, we'll get what we want out of it.



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This is a response to what Dominic said above this post, and to pyro. as the shitty rocket spamming soldier that I am, I feel like there is a market, and competition with making a casual server, and maybe with 24/7 two fort server you would most likely be competing with skial or ego (idk if saying the names of other servers is allowed or not if its not can a mod pls redact them or let me know and ill edit them out) for tf2 but it would be nice to have sg's tf2 servers back in some form since back when sg first made a 24/7 two fort server was rlly fun to play with most of the community. so in conclusion yeah with a casual server you would be competing with everyone since normal valve cas servers are dead and or infested with cheaters, with a 24/7 tf server you would be competing with some of the servers I mentioned above and prob more. and for tf2 jb last time I personally heard anything about it, it was dead but that could also be just what I have seen since in my personal opinion csgo jb is a lot better than tf2 jb in mostly all aspects (there is a lil bias there on the jb part since I first played css jb and csgo jb before tf2 jb)
(ps: im not color coding anything in this post as i am lazy)

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4 hours ago, Dominic said:

Obviously me being me, I'm very intrigued at the idea of TF2 Jailbreak, and would love some further elaboration from you if possible. What's so difficult about implementing it, and is there much competition? And if there's little competition, is there a market for it to your knowledge? I'd also be curious to hear from anyone who has played both CS:GO and TF2 Jailbreak to list the major differences, including yourself.





The difficulty of implementing a TF2 Jailbreak server is the variety of rules and items of each class. Each class has a wide variety of items they can use that some servers allow while others disallow. The way TF2 jailbreak works is making all of the red team (aka the prisoners) ammo count to 0. But certain items don't need ammo, like the medics medi-gun, scouts projectile based items, etc. Most common among TF2 servers is disallowing secondary 'timer based' secondaries such as scouts Flying guillotine, sniper Jarate, and scouts mad milk. But there's more, other secondaries are only beneficial to the user and have no damage or debuf qualities, this is a gray area where some servers allow it while others don't. For example, for the Pyro class has access to a secondary item called the 'thermal thruster' which acts as a sort of jet pack/jump pack, Some servers allow this item as it gives rebelling pyro players a chance to easily get away and try to gain access to the armory. The major thing about implementing a TF2 jailbreak is the logistics and the wide variety rules server to server. As for competition, there's quite a few. To name a few popular ones are: Blackwonder, Skial, Panda-community, and Wonderland. These are already well established and respected TF2 community servers, so getting our foot in will take effort to attract players to our servers over these well-established servers. But TF2 jailbreak is still extremely popular and there definitely is a market if we player our cards right and make an effort to GET OUR NAMES OUT THERE. We need to make our servers known so people can join. I've played more TF2 jb than CS:GO jb over the years I've played video games. One of the huge differences is the 9 different classes in TF2 JB that make it so chaotic and fun. Every single YTF2 JB server that I know of uses the warden system so that's an absolute must. And as I stated before, all of the different Items each class has access to must be accounted for. There are certain orders the warden must give to ensure that the prisoners don't get the upper hand. For example

  • Medics no healing
  • scouts no projectiles
  • spy's have sappers out

These are some of the rules the warden will have to give to make sure the blues aren't going to be overrun, especially if the medic has uber. Moving on, TF2 JB can have early round 'events' for lack of a better term to help cut down the red team size, on most servers I've played the red team has to be above a certain number. Some of these events include

  • cell wars (where Friendly fire is activated and the prisoners have to kill each other) 
  • Lava day (Prisoners cannot stand on the ground, if they do they are KOS)

Lastly, LR in TF2 JB is special events for the next round, these can be war day, VSH day, and so much more. TF2 LR's are some of the craziest and most fun part of TF2 JB. I would heavily suggest playing a few rounds of TF2 JB to see for yourself. 


To finish off, TF2 JB can be an incredibly rewarding investment for SG if they so choose, but a lot of work will have to be put in for it to be fair, functional, and fun.

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Your best bet is 24/7 2fort or casual, but we kinda missed our shot at taking advantage of a casual server as the bots have gotten a lot better, casual servers are actually playable again.


24/7 2fort is really the only way I see this going well, I don't really know why we're expanding into tf2 after the fact that we just shut down our VSH server as well as our casual server. Makes literally no sense whatsoever. I highly doubt that anything will change in terms of our growth in tf2. I would look into making an event first before even thinking about heading down this path and see the turnout.


7 hours ago, Dominic said:

but I don't think we really did that to the best of our ability last time

Literally Pyro and I were the only ones interested in tf2 at the time, no one else gave a shit. You've lost me so really all it's down to is pyro. I tried my hardest to make it work, giving it custom plugins, and adding trying my best to create something out of the box. It didn't work, I reached out to communities for partnership, we had one lined up, but hey we also dropped the ball on that as well, what a surprise. 


What exactly do you think will change this time? We surprisingly get some random ass players for people that are interested in tf2? 


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