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  1. Because you're taking yourself too seriously, part of it comes with maturity and time. It's not something that's going to change overnight, but the more you just relax the the easier it will get.
  2. Event is over, thanks to everyone who showed up. Sadly we did not get a max of 20 pop but it was close.
  3. Poke

    Saxton Hale Event

  4. Event is today! Join for a chance to win the premium supporter!
  5. Delete the model (if you know what it is) then reinstall it.
  6. Are other people expecting this as well or is this just client sided?
  7. SAXTON HALE!!! thanks @crazedkangaroofor the banner What is Saxton Hale? Saxton Hale is Boss fight game mode where each class has slightly modified weapons from the normal game mode, to help them sustain in the fight. How do I play? Either put this URL on your browser: steam://connect/arena.steam-gamers.net:27015 Or do connect `arena.steam-gamers.net:27015` in console When is it? Saturday, 8/28 @8pm Why should I show up? Because if the server reaches a pop of 20 players, I will be taking each participant who shows up and putting them into a random drawing and giving 1 lucky winner Premium Supporter. We'll be using Discord to hang out in the voice chat. If you aren't in the SG Discord, click on the icon below to join! Don't forget to join our official Steam group for updates on events by clicking on the SG logo below!
  8. Poke

    special orders

    If CT A gives a T a freeday, and CT B revokes that freeday, if CT A continuously gives him a freeday immediately after, CT A is conflicting. A limit of special orders don't really make sense as I find it perfectly as the way it is. If someone is conflicting orders feel free to make a player complaint or report it to an admin. Other than that there is nothing else you can do.
  9. Poke


    If you're complaining about a certain player on our server, feel free to make a player complaint here. Make sure to include evidence with your complaint. Please don't make threads complaining about players making rules either call admin, or make a player complaint.
  10. Cancelled due to lack of participants
  11. Event in 5! https://discord.gg/7dDREBvp