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  1. Any reason behind team manager roles not being able to vote if they aren’t CA+?
  2. Poke

    Discord Emotes

    I suggest starting out with forum emotes that are used pretty often, then what could be done after is some sort of form on this thread, or bringing back emoji suggestion on discord and having a vote over if it should be added or not. No.
  3. Poke

    Discord Emotes

    Let's be honest here, most of the emotes in the discord suck, I've suggested that this should get renovated to common emotes that can be used pretty often on a daily basis, adding some forum emotes that are commonly used is a great place to start.
  4. Poke

    Points Reset

    Interesting way of thinking... he's allowed to put his 2 cents wherever he pleases. As for the retakes point reset, keep in mind it can be very disheartening for regs that come on that server consistently and always grinding, and having their points reset at random moments, as for should probably be considered, so the regs can keep in mind that every X amount of days the points get reset. Giving them more of a heads up in advance.
  5. Poke

    P90 Warning shots

    Why is that? They will still use guns that do the same amount of damage, only difference is that they hit them in the head instead.
  6. @Poke why you no honorable gamer anymore :( my favorite admin ever <3


  7. Glad we were able to make this happen, good work boys.
  8. OMG CONGRATZ @Toasty !!
  9. ive taken a sort of break as well, hadnt seen your post, cya later bud, till we meet again

  10. cya bud o7

  11. Farewell Poke, o7

  12. Farewell?