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    What exactly makes you think that they don't test it? The past managers over 2 years have been putting a copious amount of effort into this, and from what I remember, this map testing linked in the thread took 3 months to pull off, as I remember Noxstar in VCs with reid the entire day running through each map and asking what he thinks and getting as many second opinions as he could, which by the way, he tested over 600 maps and added 274 of them. Then again, I haven't been connected with the current BHOP community, so I don't really know how most of it has changed since 11/28, but I do genuinely believe that each manager has been putting in an effort for perfecting the map pool, as it is something that will never be perfect.
  2. Event is over, thanks to everyone who showed up. Special shoutout to @Strayyzand @Nate.for making this possible
  3. Weekly Scheduled Scrim Event #2 shoutout @Nate.and @michefor the banner This event will be scheduled every weekend and each game will be streamed. We plan to have casters for matches played. What to expect? With this being streamed on twitch, keep in mind to be within the ToS parameters. Casters will be: Strayyz and Nate Where? SG Scrim server: connect scrim.steam-gamers.net:27015; password 321sg When? 6/13 Sunday 5:00-7:00pm EST @Strayyz WILL BE STREAMING THE GAME @ twitch.tv/steamgamers
  4. Arena Intentional suicide to obstruct your team's chance of winning is prohibited. (This of course, is situational). If the entire server is being friendly, and just messing around having fun, then who really cares. Do not intentionally delay rounds. Both teams should be actively pursuing either the objective, or trying to kill the enemy team. 2Fort Extreme Spawn camping for extended periods of time is also not allowed. This, of course, is up to the discretion of admins. (This rule I don't have a very large support for, but consistent spawn camping of 5+ people can really kill the server, as it's important for admins to distinguish the difference between a 1 person putting sticky traps right outside spawn, vs a heavy, 2 medics, a sentry nest, and 2/3 demos dropping stickies constantly). VS A full team spawn camping. (I can't really get an example of what it looks like, but you get the point) This is really all up for discussion, but I suggest all of the rules be implemented in some shape or form. The spawn camping one is an extreme rough draft, and it can definitely be improved in terms of wording. thank you @Strayyzfor the help
  5. Thanks for hosting this movie night, @Error. Event is now over
  6. Small bump to this thread Special kills I'd like to possibly introduce the idea of having more points for getting a taunt kill, and possibly adding more based off of what type of weapon you get a kill with. -Melee: +2 points, (Exceptions: demoknight melees) -Taunt: +10 points -Reflect: +5 points -Stomp: +5 points (Mantreads and Thermal Thrusters) -Explosive pumpkins/Pumpkin Bombs: +2 (This is only for the Halloween maps, and will most likely not really ever be used at all) -Shield Crashes: +3 points Changing GameMe point requirement from 4 -> 3 Yea, pretty self explanatory, as the overall amount of players are really low, I suggest this gets moved down to 3, as the population is really scarce. Fixing this:
  7. Poke

    TF2 Update

    Small bump to this thread, the bot issue has gotten to the point of where they cannot be kicked. Glad valve is getting that update It's extremely disappointing to see it get to this point, after how long this has been an issue, I really hope that valve decides to do something for this.
  8. I can't really say that this is entirely the case, as this kind of gamemode kinda falls in a similar category as FFA as people use each server for pretty similar reason, you still do in fact have people who still try to have some sort of fun, with game modes such as noscope, knife battle, knife rounds that you'll occasionally get placed in, though these situations are unrealistic to an actual competitive match. This also changes between managers, and what player base they want to cater to, as for past managers like Bacon and Infinity, they were looking to make the server more competitive, while I tried to cater to the average player, as the competitive concept isn't what makes up the entire server. With the current manager for 1v1 being Trazz, this is probably really low on the list of his priorities (not saying that this server isn't important, he just has a lot of things on his plate), and will probably increase in population over the summer. The issue with making events for 1v1 is very similar to FFA and retakes, it's hard to make an event that stays within the nature of the gamemode and have it be somewhat entertaining. If anyone has any ideas for an event, please feel free to make one here.
  9. Event is over, thanks for everyone who showed up!
  10. event in 1 hour! show up or face the wrath of trazz
  11. Event is now over, thanks to everyone who showed up!
  12. EVENT IN 5! connect 2fort.steam-gamers.net NOW
  13. Event is today boys! Be there or be
  14. Poke

    TF2 Update

    I’d really like to see them deliver on this, but I’ve really lowered my standards so the chances of disappointment are slim, so hopefully I won’t get let down by another Localization files update.