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  1. Apparently, the game itself got leaked a day after making this thread and people are already playing it. Lol. All leaked items in the game:
  2. oh my gosh blue paint!!! LOL
  3. Most if not all the pokemon in the new game, (I think ordered through pokedex number) if it has a pikachu then it means it is not in the game, but pikachu itself is in the game.
  4. I am overall pretty excited for gen 9, a lot of new content is being releases such as Paradox forms, Terastalization, and most importantly girafarig evolution. Releases 11/18/22 SPOILERS: Paradox Salamence Terastalization: Gen 9 Starters: GIRAFARIG EVOLUTION:
  5. Your best bet is 24/7 2fort or casual, but we kinda missed our shot at taking advantage of a casual server as the bots have gotten a lot better, casual servers are actually playable again. 24/7 2fort is really the only way I see this going well, I don't really know why we're expanding into tf2 after the fact that we just shut down our VSH server as well as our casual server. Makes literally no sense whatsoever. I highly doubt that anything will change in terms of our growth in tf2. I would look into making an event first before even thinking about heading down this path and see the turnout. Literally Pyro and I were the only ones interested in tf2 at the time, no one else gave a shit. You've lost me so really all it's down to is pyro. I tried my hardest to make it work, giving it custom plugins, and adding trying my best to create something out of the box. It didn't work, I reached out to communities for partnership, we had one lined up, but hey we also dropped the ball on that as well, what a surprise. What exactly do you think will change this time? We surprisingly get some random ass players for people that are interested in tf2?
  6. Recently played this FTP game and it's a first-person shooter that's a lot of fun, highly recommend an event is created out of this like TDM or some form of CO OP missions. A lot of multiplayer aspects are in this game and can be used to create an event. @Acer
  7. What maps do you have on rotation? What is the current point system formula?
  8. Doing an MGT is going to give you results about how many regs are interested, I guess we aren't looking at a permanent server anymore but I am more looking towards at least having this as an MGT.
  9. Seems to me like there's a lot of regs that want to do this, how about a possible MGT to see how much interest this really has? @Acer
  10. I disagree, I think it overall looks better to see that we have players online, and to show that we are doing something to try something in our CSGO servers overall. Having players for a month is better than having no players at all. I mean quite literally I open the forums and I see maybe 20 players on max during the week, and it's mostly from our surf and bhop servers and the occasional jailbreak/retakes, you could make the same argument that they don't attract any players into the community, as people there just seem to come and go.
  11. Would personally like to hear a board of director's opinion on this, as I have talked with kabLe about this before I made this thread, now that this thread is made, I would like to hear some more opinions from a higher ranking staff member. @Greggy G@Hawks