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  1. Big thanks to @ValkFor the banner! What's in 1.19? How Do I Join & Install 1.19? Open your latest Minecraft Launcher, and select version 1.19! To join the server will be whitelisted like last time to keep track of who is playing. Please comment your Minecraft username below and we will add you to the whitelist! YOU CAN ALSO @ ME OR A HIGHERUP PLAYING THE SERVER TO GET WHITELISTED FASTER Current whitelist admins: Acer & Me Some of you will also already be whitelisted! General Server Info When? Starting TODAY Ending ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Where? We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet! Click on the Discord icon below to join us.

  3. Poke

    Retakes Changelog

    4/23/22 -Added: Added Shotguns and SMGs to forcebuy rounds on retakes.
  4. highly recommend watching this movie if you haven’t already, good movie just be in it for the long haul
  5. Poke

    What TF2 Needs

    We have it on the server incase people actually get tired of VSH, which I did, and want to play something else to change the atmosphere of the server. We could make it VSH, but really, we don't have much of a player base to know what direction to take the server. That's the real dilemma we're stuck with, make it completely VSH or make it some form of competitive quickplay. If we do make it VSH I'm assuming you'd like to see more bosses? If so feel free to drop some suggestions, we could even make it to where there's a form such as map requests. I've made the server exactly where I want it. Damage logger and Taunts were really the only plans I had for the server, in terms of VSH. This is a possibility as well, in fact we could possibly even make another server for this, but as stated previously we don't have enough regs or players to know what direction to take the server. Another point is that TF2 isn't constantly gaining new players, making it really hard to gain new players when you have little new players joining. I'm also genuinely curious, how many of you guys, regs and staff, actually play tf2 regularly? I really appreciate you making this thread, and I agree I think that the server needs drastic change, but we really don't have the community to help so it seems.
  6. Some server managers feel like their server was in an absolute decent spot, for example I thought Tf2 was exactly where I wanted it to be, with every single addition added and whatnot, it didn't receive enough support from the community so I decided to abandon it. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who feels this way with their respective servers as SM. I cannot tell you how many times I've experienced saying "Oh you manage a dead server your SM doesn't count", this is an overall toxic atmosphere that should never have developed in the first place. When it comes to dead servers, it's very easy to point fingers and say who's issue it is, but in reality you can't place this down to one person individually.
  7. Poke

    Retakes Changelog

    2/19/22 Changed sv_talk_enemy_dead 0 ----> 1 due to popular demand Changed 5v3s to 4v4s Changed 5v4s to 5v5s
  8. Poke

    Retakes Changelog

    2/17/22 Changed Points per kill now moved from 3 -> 4 Points per death is now moved from -5 -> -4
  9. Shrimp…

  10. 1/20/21 Added -New Server Advertisement: Join our Official TF2 discord for server announcements and discussion and possible giveaways. Here's your invite! https://discord.gg/U33fK3A6h9