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  1. A good change for the better
  2. MINECRAFT BOSS FIGHT. Yo've never seen a boss like this before, be there or be square cause you wont want to miss this. Get ready for butt clenching fun as we take a dive into Crackers Witherstorm mod and we FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT our way into taking the ferocious beast down!!!!
  3. Huge thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the incredible banner. Crackers wither storm Crackers Wither storm mod is a recreation of the Witherstorm seen in the critically acclaimed Minecraft story mode game. It's a multistage boss fight where you need to run, survive and collect materials to take down the beast. The Witherstorm can be seen from up to 10,000 blocks away. The Withersotrm will be spawned at spawn with everyone around, once the Witherstorm is summoned it's everyone man for himself and the first person or group to defeat it wins How do I download? Cursed Forge: When/Where? 08/07/2022 at 4pm EST Server info will be given day of the event Informational Video We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet! Click on the Discord icon below to join us.
  4. The fact that interest in NA CS:GO has been on the decline recently is beyond our control, SG being a community server in CS:GO means it depends on interest in CS:GO, especially in the North America region. That's not to say that CS:GO is dying or that it's a "dead game" But the player count has been less consistent with it fluctuating up and down never, never having a steady stream of players. One thing I think we can do as a community is possibly trying new things to get the name out there. For example, the SCP server. I think that it's just what SG needed and the SCP community would be a perfect fit for SG. Getting it consistently populated and getting those players over into the discord and forums could lead to potential for more population in the CS:GO servers. But hey that's just my 2 cents!
  5. These are just ideas. In no way am I saying every single one of these roles need to be added. Just some food for thought to add some flavor to the kinda stagnate TTT server.
  6. So earlier I was playing PavlovVR and was playing TTT on there and they had interesting roles that I thought could be interesting for this servers TTT. Lone Wolf- Their job is to kill everyone Mercenary- has access to all Traitor and Detective shop items Glitch - Innocent like a traitor to other traitors. Although, they get detective scanned as a Inno, can't access T rooms, and aren't shown at the start of the round as a traitor friend Jester- Their job is to get killed by innos. They can shoot but can't deal damage. the innos and detective can't see that their the jester but the Traitors can see them Assassin- they have specific targets to kill, does double damage to targets and half damage to non targets What do you all think? I think this could be a great addition to server when it gets highly populated and could add variety to the server. (I just realized while writing this that this is also mainly apart of the gmod ttt and not just pavlov)
  8. Technical difficulties give us a second
  9. Bump! Event will be happening in a few more hours! IP will be posted in discord as well as in this thread