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rooftops Removal Request

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    Map blows.

    -csay at the start of map says made by princess and defyclan.com
    -building trap is annoying
    -having the highest roof accessible ruins map flow

    Just bring back the old version and recompile in HDR. Alternatively there is a much more robust 2016 remake for GMOD that could be easily ported.
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I think the building trap is fun and nice. Of course there's no coming back but I could just day, "Don't go on that building with another person." Added to this, it's a fun and cool interactable that changes to movement of the map. Not a lot of maps with cool T-Traps like that. So no, keep that.


If we change the map to our version+building trap, its perfect. 


The roof on defyClan is definitely annoying and has no reason to be there. 


Change the map, keep the essentials.

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