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  2. You stink x86

    1. Charliere


      why specifically 86

    2. Hawks


      Cause your weeb ass is emanating stank similar to the show eighty six

    3. Charliere


      wow don't be hating, you like 86 too you fucking bird boy

  3. weeaboo

  4. Yes, admins can punish the traitors if they're purposefully delaying. The topic of delaying has been discussed many times before, I don't think that currently it's a big enough issue that a whole LR plugin is needed for TTT imo
  5. Omg! I love Majo no Tabitabi!

  6. I don't really know what to say, I can't really process that you're actually gone We haven't talked in a while but you would always make everyone laugh with your infectious personality, I have so many memories of all of the stupid shit we all used to do together that I'll never forget. RIP, we'll really miss you
  7. man imagine getting SOTM TWICE thats my DUDE congrats everyone
  8. Jackbox event will be starting soon! Jump on discord if you'd like to join!
  9. It's not that much of an inconvenience though, you just have to push E to close it out. I think the current issue is that we've been having a larger influx of new people coming to all of the servers, including TTT, since the Dedi change. When the server is jam packed with 30 people, it's really easy to miss someone asking them to read the rules over voice and text.
  10. I believe that this has been mentioned before, but I wouldn't be opposed to this. ZE and JB as far as I know also have a pop up with the rules when you join the server. Sometimes asking people to type !rules only goes so far. also the ATs are busy so give them some time sir
  11. Super proud of everyone and all of the work they've done. Keep it comin y'all
  12. Just to clarify (since I won't be able to get on the server today) does karma now reset every map or how exactly does it work? It seems awfully easy to reach 350 within one map rotation imo. I like the addition of the karma ban system, should hopefully deter the people who keep rdming to get negative karma