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  1. Wii 100% although the 360 and the release of the kinect was also very cool for its time even though it wasnt perfect
  2. 11/11/22 Removed haste rounds (due to decrease in round time from 5 to 4 mins) Fixed non-admins not being able to buy AWPs in the T shop Added ttt_hotwireslum to server & mapcycle
  3. 10/27/22 Rule changes: T-baiting is no longer allowed on the server, effective today. This change will be reflected on the forums/guides as well on the server rules when you connect to TTT.
  4. Hey everyone, prompted by the discussions had in the TTT feedback thread, the TTT team believes that it'd be a good idea to reevaluate our stance on our current T-baiting rule. Whether or not we implement this change in the near future, we would appreciate any responses specific to this thread just so we have everyone's thoughts in the same place. Votes are encouraged and appreciated. thank thrza, my ghost writer
  5. The T menu has been needing a large rework for a while now and quite a few items are going to be weeded out. Unfortunately it doesn't look like submenus are going to work, but hopefully slimming down the menu will make it easier to navigate. Here I'll be posting @Valk's notes in regards to each T item and what we have planned for the T menu in the near future. Of course if you guys have any suggestions or questions or if there's an item you don't want to see go, please let us know. Knockout - 75 (Remove temporarily, can come back in later seasons) Following Missile - 350 (Remove as we already have another missile) Controlling Missile - 350 (Remove for the same reason above) C4 - 100 (Haven't seen it used very often, can remove temporarily) Tracer - 50 (Remove as it's very useless and doesn't work well) Flare Gun - 75 (Will keep as it a fun tool, can be removed in later seasons) Blackout - 150 (Keeping) Bullets (Ice) - 50 (Remove as no one uses them) Bullets (Poison) - 50 (Remove as no one uses them) Decoy Teleporter - 125 (While I don't use it, I see others that do, keeping) Sprint - 25 (Basic and helpful, keeping) Hurt Station - 75 (same as above) Poison Smoke - 50 (Remove temporarily, can come back in later seasons) Tripmine - 50 (Keeping) USP-S - 50 (All guns in shops should be removed) Radar - 100 (Keeping) Drop - 100 (Will keep as it a fun tool, Can be removed in later seasons) Health Shot - 75 (Keeping) MP5-SD - 100 (All guns in shops should be removed) Teleporter - 100 (I don't really know how this differs from the decoy teleporter) 1 Hit Knife - 150 (Keeping) Breachcharge - 100 (Keeping) Jihad Bomb - 150 (Keeping) M4A1-S - 200 (All guns in shops should be removed) Kevlar + Helm - 200 (Keeping) Silent Awp - 250 (Keeping, but I do wish we had the old awp still) Missile - 350 (Keeping since we are removing the other missiles) This is what the T menu should hopefully look like in the very near future (generally): -1 Hit Knife - 150 -Kevlar + Helm - 200 -Radar - 100 -Sprint - 25 -Health Shot - 75 -Breachcharge - 100 -Jihad Bomb - 150 -Tripmine - 50 -Teleporter - 100 -Flare Gun - 75 -Blackout - 150 -Decoy Teleporter - 125 -Hurt Station - 75 -Drop - 100 -Silent Awp - 250 -Missile - 350 Please let us know if this order seems alright (I based it on what's used most often imo) or if you'd like to see some of the items moved to different places. Thanks!
  6. I'm not pushing back against you guys, but ttt then vs now is a completely different atmosphere. You can ask anyone who has been frequenting the server as of late and they would agree that it isn't really an issue. I understand the concern regarding people T baiting towards new players but for the most part, I would say that people don't really t bait newer players often/if at all If it comes to a point where T baiting becomes a large issue again to where it's severely affecting gameplay I am all for disallowing T baiting completely, but as of right now it's fine as is and we have plenty of other things to focus our energy on
  7. What do you mean not implemented well? I think being with the newer additions in terms of being assigned a role randomly or being to opt out of roles adds to the gameplay especially with there's a decent amount of people on. Of course they don't make a difference if there's not at least 8 people on. Throughout the past few years, TTT has cycled through a lot of changes, plugins, items, pacing and a lot of things stuck and there's plenty that didn't. It's difficult sometimes with TTT specifically because of the amount of plugins in place, sometimes new or different plugins don't mesh and can break the server. I don't think anyone's worried about effectively changed the element of TTT at this point or are against any larger changes. We're open to any suggestions, but I agree with lynxie in terms of too many things being added and gameplay being absolute confusing chaos isn't what we what. I am down to shorten the rounds to 3 or so minutes and maybe keep haste rounds at 1:30. Though tbh we haven't had a lot of problems with people delaying/camping as of late, unless it's someone new to the server. As lamp said I would love to see other's feedback, and it could always be reverted back to 5 minutes if we get a consistent amount of population. Not sure why you don't want to see new maps. Map testing events aren't always successful but bringing in newer maps that people enjoy isn't ever a bad thing. Two of the maps that were added recently (kaer morhen and breakthrough) are fairly popular and a lot of players enjoy playing them. Though, it doesn't hurt to go through every quarter or something like that a temporarily remove maps from the cycle that aren't as popular or aren't as frequently played. I'm gonna disagree about T baiting. I don't see a harm in it staying and a lot of people enjoyed seeing it back again. The karma system could use a change, I'm just unsure what exactly can be done to spice it up. I know that there was a plugin with karma that punished rdmers but iirc it was very glitchy and was banning people that it shouldnt have been. We've gone through a lot of karma plugins and I think the ones that were more highly favored just don't work with the server anymore. Obviously karma is very due to be reset, and it will be done soon. I just recently posted a thread in regards to the karma ranks and what changes people would like to see if you want to put input there as well.
  8. Hi there, we were just looking for some feedback into our current karma ranking system/names. What we have currently is: 500: "Newbie" 2500: "Beginner" 5000: "Intermediate" 10000: "Advanced" 15000: "Professional" 20000: "Lord" 25000+: "God Mode" I believe originally we had wanted something akin to what JB has in terms of little icons but it was never implemented. I know that it can seem kind of clunky considering it appears between a player's tag and their username. I'd love to know what you guys think, if you would like to see the karma rank names changed, or if you would like to see something different, etc. Thank you!
  9. i either sleep like a mummy or on one of my sides1
  10. what is your favorite smell? i like the smell of a cinnabon restaurant also maybe like pumpkin pie coming out of the oven
  11. 3 hour walk back in the day it used to be one of my favorite things to just walk around and talk to my friends for hours can't do that in detroit tho lol
  12. hello welcome to qotd What is something that you did prepandemic that you don't do as frequently now? Right before the pandemic started I was going rock climbing pretty often but haven't gone since everything was locked down that and concerts, only because of my injury, not the pandemmy