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  1. fucking excuse me it was venti mocha latte get it right
  2. I voted for everyone but esp my favorite AI and my best friend
  3. roux is having flashbacks
  4. Just to clarify (since I won't be able to get on the server today) does karma now reset every map or how exactly does it work? It seems awfully easy to reach 350 within one map rotation imo. I like the addition of the karma ban system, should hopefully deter the people who keep rdming to get negative karma
  5. Imagine voting for a woman and considering that simping xd
  6. Imagine tattle tailing on a fellow admin for campaigning when you campaign for yourself, to a more vulnerable population no less. I'm so disappointed @TheZZL...
  7. @patrick"I'm Catholic." @Maniac"I'm agnostic. @thuxys"I'm vegetarian"
  8. i was dared to because the contest has not been spicy enough