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  1. It's not that much of an inconvenience though, you just have to push E to close it out. I think the current issue is that we've been having a larger influx of new people coming to all of the servers, including TTT, since the Dedi change. When the server is jam packed with 30 people, it's really easy to miss someone asking them to read the rules over voice and text.
  2. I believe that this has been mentioned before, but I wouldn't be opposed to this. ZE and JB as far as I know also have a pop up with the rules when you join the server. Sometimes asking people to type !rules only goes so far. also the ATs are busy so give them some time sir
  3. Super proud of everyone and all of the work they've done. Keep it comin y'all
  4. roux is having flashbacks
  5. Just to clarify (since I won't be able to get on the server today) does karma now reset every map or how exactly does it work? It seems awfully easy to reach 350 within one map rotation imo. I like the addition of the karma ban system, should hopefully deter the people who keep rdming to get negative karma
  6. Before I put in my opinion on OP's post, I'll comment on this. Very rarely or ever or mass freekills are treated as "oh well it happens." It should be acknowledged, but we still can't act on it without seeing it. Perming for a 2nd mass freekill is too harsh imo. We have a protocol set in place for a reason. It's the same with any other rule breaking ie. micspamming, racism, rdming; if they getted banned approx. 3 times in a certain amount of time their banned is either increased or they're permed. At some point I believe damaged is decreased once you hit a certain karma, do I think that a damage decrease could be placed somewhere at around 500 or 600? Sure. Do I think that it's going to keep people from RDMing? Probably not. For OP's most, there's no doubt that the server can be lacking in help sometimes. Anyone can see that. Do I think that we could have more admins do their job and tag up and help out when needed instead of just playing "undercover"? Absolutely, but that's not something that I can fix or address myself. However, regular admins like myself and others can only do so much in terms of punishment. As we've mentioned, we can't act on anything we didn't see. We're not investigators. Even if it SAYS in logs that someone "rdmed" or committed a bad action, there's no way for us to verify exactly what happened without witnessing it. Who are we to tell who's lying and who's telling the truth? I'm not going to punish someone just based on someone else's words or logs. The system of punishment hasn't really changed; there's an increase in people on the server because of COVID, people aren't working, people aren't at school. Adding more admins isn't going to change anything in my opinion. We have !calladmin and communicate with each other and say whether or not we can hop on the server. It's inevitable that sometimes someone can't come on when it's needed. It's the same with other servers too. As for lynxie's post, why would we go out of our way to slay someone who rdmed on accident? I don't know about you but having to slay/being slayed for every bad action sucks the fun out of the server, even if you're a regular. Having something similar to what Venom suggested would be great to have implemented. We typically communicate with each other via admin chat about who we've warned, how many times they been warned etc, but it's difficult to keep track of sometimes with admins coming and leaving the server so frequently all day. TDLR; I know my post is long, sorry. There's only so much that we can do, however I DO think admin culture could be address and changed, but punishing for every RDM like you guys want us to do isn't feasible. Please bear with us, some of us are really trying to keep the servers clean while not sucking the fun out of it at the same time.
  7. it should be charliere#4636 @Rawmondz but I'll double check when I'm off of work
  8. aw omg that's insane, I'm so sorry : ( we love you, I'm glad we can help out in anyway that we can
  9. follow 4 follow :)

  10. FINALLY AN EVENT I CAN ATTEND thanks creten
  11. i love minecraft but i'm working : (
  12. You smell like a midget