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  1. @lynxie So we are going to most likely do away with elite/premium supporter specific skins for right now as there's pretty much nobody on the server that has anything above basic supporter. The plan will most likely be to keep skins at the public and basic supporter ranks, with the more detailed/better models costing more credits.
  2. Hi everyone! We have a model rework coming up, so we would appreciate some feedback on the models that we already have on the server. Please vote on which models are your favorite or which ones you would like to keep on the server, 1-2 for each category/dono level if you could. Additionally, if you have any (DOABLE) future model suggestions or would like to see an older model back on the server, please let us know. Thanks so much, we appreciate everyone's input and help.
  3. hi guys! the event has started, hop on if you can
  4. Hi guys! Just a reminder that this event happens in just a few hours : ) hope to see y'all there!
  5. Hi there everyone! We're going to be potentially adding some new maps to the server and we would love some feedback! If you're on the server during the event, you get to vote on whether or not these maps stay on the server or if they get axed. Each vote will be held towards the end of playing each map. thank u lamp for banner Maps: ttt_breakthrough_v2 ttt_kaer_morhen_v1 ttt_treetops_mc_b2 When: Saturday, May 28th @5pm Where: join us on discord : )
  6. TTT is the best welcome to the forums
  7. hey Charlie!

  8. crash bandicoot little nightmares Yooka-Laylee fuck u shwaty
  9. I have no idea on the parachute I'm not sure what it's purpose would be or how it could contribute to the game imo Grabbing props wise, aside from possibly crashing the server, I definitely can see it being abused and people constantly taking damage and dying from getting hit in the head with barrels. People also used to abuse it and prop block doors and entrances to keep traitors from killing them. I think that these were some of other reasons why it was removed from the server so long ago. As someone who is consistency detective more often that traitor, eh... imo I'm not sure how well it would go, if there would be a limit to how many people could opt out, if there is any pattern vs randomly choosing those who opted out to be detective anyway, etc.
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  12. Yes, admins can punish the traitors if they're purposefully delaying. The topic of delaying has been discussed many times before, I don't think that currently it's a big enough issue that a whole LR plugin is needed for TTT imo
  13. Omg! I love Majo no Tabitabi!