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[11/15/22] Most difficult video game you've played, and have ya finished it?

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What's the most difficult video game you've played, and have you finished the game or not?


For me it's EASILY Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels. The original Japanese sequel to Super Mario Bros. Same game mechanics but an insane difficulty spike compared to the first with 5 additional worlds tacked on aside from worlds 1-8. Poison mushrooms that kill ya, random invisible blocks, super tough platforming and shit like that.


Never beaten the game fully but I have beaten world 8 in it when I was younger. I don't plan to return to beat the 5 extra worlds.

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Katana Zero Hardmode Speedrun


katana zero normally is not that difficult, the hardmode though that you unlock after beating the game is just pure pain (but still very fun). Most later levels would take a few hours to finish for the first time.


Now try speedrunning that gamemode and its hell. Here is a speedrun of hardmode if anyone is interested its really impressive.



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