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Introducing the Expansion Committee!

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Hey everyone,


The Board has been in deep talks recently about the state of the Events Team, but also the desire for some sort of new team that can take on some more community based responsibilities as opposed to being entirely focused on the servers. While the servers are our main focus, we need to consider the importance of other aspects such as community engagement and marketing / outreach. Given the rough patch the Events Team has gone through, we saw fit to repurpose the team entirely and tack on some new responsibilities to allow for more breathing room in what they're able to do. 


With that, we're introducing the 'Expansion Committee', which will start off with a small set of responsibilities that we see as most important, with the potential for more to be added. With this, we're also hoping to see some old faces join up who had a passion for things such as this. The current Events Team members will all be carried over, however we're hoping to see some substantial growth in the team's size, as there's plenty to be done. @Acer will be heading the team, essentially as an AO would with a server. So there'll be no official manager rank or 'hierarchy', but he'll work directly with the BDs and give us updates.


The responsibility set to start it off will be as follows:


  • Create community events to bring our player base together
  • Promote activity on all of our platforms including servers / forums / Discord
  • Discuss ideas to increase activity on our platforms
  • Research advertising & partnership opportunities
  • Recommend general marketing ideas for the community


We're looking forward to seeing how the team performs and hope to see some promising results. You can apply using the link below!



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