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Re-add Tier 3?  

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Return of the Tier 3?

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Hey Y'all!


Wanted to reach out to gauge your opinions on something we've been thinking about re-adding to the surf server!


As the title suggests we've had the idea of reading a higher tier of surf maps. The thought behind this is because tier 3 surf can still be classified as an average to intermediate skill of surf. Along with this having higher tiers may bring more players who are a little more experienced and may help with retention of these players and our more experienced regulars as we would be opening our map pool up further and adding some additional challenges.


Of course this wouldn't be done all at once. It would be phased into the server over a period of time as we are currently removing unused maps to lower the size of the surf server and increase its download speeds.


We would slowly implement some tier 3 maps probably starting with easy tier 3 maps and adding a few as they are requested or found.


Before doing anything I wanted to reach out to see if this would even be something the community and surfers would find interesting. And feel free to leave any tier 3 recommendations below!


Make sure to leave your Vote! And leave your opinions below!

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Always on the side that more is better with surf, though to keep the easy surf aspect I would suggest making it like before where less than x players on the servers to nominate higher tier maps

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