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Prison Break: Uprising!

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Hey everyone,


So Caution and I have taken control of the Jailbreak server. For starters, we're referring to it as 'Prison Break: Uprising' from here on out. In the past, there was always various names for the gamemode. The debate between Jailbreak and Prison Break is historic, but there was also additional words like 'uprising' or 'mutiny'. In the spirit of the massive change that I'm about to outline, we also saw fit to change the name. So we're now the #1 'Prison Break: Uprising' server in the world. 


Our vision for it currently is to pretty much return to the old days. A barebones, small scale server that doesn't rely too heavily on plugins and addons. This was essentially the type of manager Caution was back in 2008-2013, and was the type of server I was introduced to when I first joined Steam-Gamers in 2015. Our goal is to slowly build the population up again, and act accordingly based on that. Currently, majority of these rules and plugins are just a little much and it makes it hard for random people to integrate themselves into the server.


Soooo let's start with all the plugins we disabled:


- AFK Manager
- Jihads
- Gangs
- CT Buy Menu
- First Order
- CT Health Boost
- Repeat Order Command
- CT Vote Mute
- !buddy command
- Last Request
- CT Ranks
- CT Lockout
- CT Markers
- Ratio Control


We may end up disabling more, or re-enabling some of them. Again, we're just going with the flow and we're gonna see what happens. Most of this is generally unneeded but there may be merit in some of it. We'll assess as we go. But for reference, not a single thing on this list existed when I first joined, aside from jihads. Generally jihads are pretty underused and also.. don't make a lot of sense. So I don't think they'll really be missed outside of nostalgic reasons.


Onto the rules, which is the big one here. We think 80% of the rules were pretty much pointless. Definitions of common terms are cool, but not a necessity. LR rules and Deathgame rules are good to have, but not fully needed. Every rule that is needed is covered in our description of the gamemode in the MOTD. It may seem bizarre, but I promise you if you think on it, it's generally covered by that description. And here's the deal: admins are just going to handle bullshit. We don't need a rule that guards can't obstruct a prisoner's ability to follow orders, the admins are just going to slay and move you if you're being an idiot.


But, again, it's something we're going to play by ear. If we need more rules, we'll add them. But the goal is for people to be able to get into the server and not be confused as shit as to what's going on. No one, and I mean no one, wants to read that long ass list of rules that we had before. It's definitely just not helping our case. This leads us into our next point, which is the map list. People being confused about the map, where to go, how to lead prisoners, etc. does not help our case. So, here's your new map list:


- ba_jail_electric_razor_go_pb
- jb_clouds_pg
- jb_lego_jail_2k17_hd
- jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7-2
- jb_summer_jail_hdr_fix


Again, we will play it by ear. Maybe we'll add more maps, or maybe we'll do 24/7 Razor. I promise you it's not unheard of - Hells Gamers ran a very successful Jailbreak server that was strictly Razor, all the time. There's a lot of benefits to a smaller map list, especially with them being popular and simple. And with that, our last 'big' change is dropping the server to 24 slots. This is the slot count when I first joined way back when, and it's kind of hard to justify anything higher given our server statistics for the past year or so.


We'll assess as we go and increase if need be. Which is essentially how ALL of this is going to go - we'll assess and see what works as we go. This may seem outlandish and bizarre, but it really can't get much worse than what it is now, so there's essentially no harm to any of it. We hope you guys will assimilate to this new style of play, but also that other players will be able to more easily get involved. 


Thanks guys.

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It's probably already on the docket (or taken care of), but, as of an hour or so ago, there were still chat messages popping up telling people to use the disabled plugins, so that'll probably need to go to avoid confusion.

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1 hour ago, Mitchel256 said:

It's probably already on the docket (or taken care of), but, as of an hour or so ago, there were still chat messages popping up telling people to use the disabled plugins, so that'll probably need to go to avoid confusion.


Thanks for pointing this out! It should be all up to date now, feel free to let me know if I missed anything.

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4 hours ago, Dominic said:


Shot for shot? Gun toss? Jerk off contest? Whatever your little heart desires.

Hell yeah - Play a round of soggy biscuit

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