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Flavor Of The Month


For those of you that don't know; Flavor Of The Month is where we will take a new game (one we don't have servers on) that people are interested in and do a little 1-2 month server on. There is no specific time period but our goal is to get people playing some games together and just have some fun. :)





Where? - steamgamers.apexmc.co

When? - Right Now!!



How do I play?


As of right now the server is setup for 1.20.1 survival. Note: you can play on it in older versions of the game, although if you go back to far you might experience some minor issues (usually texture related). There is not much to it other then that; you do have access to a few homes using "/sethome" and "/home" as well as some other essentials commands such as "/spawn" and "/tpa". Supporters will have access to a few more quality of life commands like "/echest" and "/wb" as well as the ability to change the color of their name and set nicknames using the "/nick" command. Nothing game breaking, just a few features they might like.


Other then that I encourage you all to hop on and get some playing in. As of now the server is not planned to be up more then a month or two as it is a [FOTM] event, but since I am paying out of pocket and its not taking space on the Dedi I am more then happy to keep the server up longer given you guys want to keep playing on it.



Currently @ThatTamer and I are managing the sever, so if you have any issues please reach out to either of us on the forums, discord, or even the minecraft server. Also special thanks to @lynxie and @ThatTamer for helping me get everything setup and build the spawn. :) 


Also Tamer made the pretty picture


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