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Out of those two, I'd take the iPhone. Main reason, no Wi-Fi on the Eternity. On top of that the applications available on the iPhone trump the Eternity. There's only a few phones I'd take over the iPhone and the Eternity isn't one of them.

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The storm's click screen seems like a gimmick more than anything. And it simply isn't as smooth.


As much as I hate on apple computers, I Have to give them credit for the hand held media devices, the UI is great and smooth as can be. Truly seamless as UI should be.


I mean, being able to use the free pandora app in my car was fucking nice. I'm waiting for the next iteration of the Iphone and if it's up to standard I'm canceling my contract with sprint.

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I'm happy with my simple walkman ;).


Phones people (the whole point)

Also plays some good music.....(saves me getting an mp3).


So yeah........sorted! :laugh:

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