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What is the point of life?

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We are born into this world to argue , fight and die. That is what always has been and what always will be. Man is here to destroy everything that was created for him . Enjoy life now and know , you are also a little guilty for the destruction of the most greatest creation of them all - Life.

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There is no point.


Just enjoy the good moments when you have them and try to get over the bad ones.


And IF you decide to have a family, try to provide for them enough so that they can enjoy it too.

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There is no point of life.

























































































When you make these threads.

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Now, some believe we are gods creation, and for this gift we must worship him, though what so ever, there is no actual scientifical arguement to this question, what so ever, the biological answer for this would be to evolve, to widen our species and make it survive, speaking from the heart, I would say as many others that live is here to be enjoyed, live it to the fullest, try to live it best and try not to do something you would gratefully regret in the future, my personal meaning would be that it should be enjoyed, though I'm afraid Kay, me or you won't be there for the destruction of the world, nor world peace.





Oh yea, some people thinks it's about getting remembered after death, as a form for mortality, some has succeded and some has not, for example, the egyptian pyramids are tombs for the pharoas (can't spell it), we do know theyr name and therefore we know who they are so that means they reached a from of imortality.


what so ever, the chance for you to reach a kind of imortality is 1 to cirka

Thank you, and good bye.

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