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Nascar or F1  

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  1. 1. Nascar or F1

Nascar or Formula 1

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Wanted to get the opinions of everyone :tape:


So what do you think is better.......?


For me I have grown up on Formula 1 and this year is one of the most unpredictable yet, whilst when I've seen Nascar all I see is cars going in a circle:confused1:


(left an option open for something else, but don't go into bikes,boats,dirt....etc)

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I am an F1 fan. Indy and Nascar doesn't require as much skill as F1 drivers. Best race though to watch that truly shows skills and endurance is the 24 hours of Le Mans.

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I see the peeps that are saying F1 takes more skill than NASCAR. Just one thing... What about the F1 and Indy drivers that have tried to race in NASCAR, and currently trying to make it in NASCAR, and UBER FAIL. Even on the road courses where they bring some of these guys as "specialist". Now some have come and done good, but the vast majority fail because they can't drive.


Now the reason it really does take greater skill for NASCAR can be easily explained, and has been by even drivers from F1, Indy, and others. The fact is that handling on F1 and simillar cars is computer controlled. Whereas in NASCAR the driver has to be able to feel his car and it is always on the edge of no control. (not so much with COT cars now) Can get alot more detailed, but not enough time right now.

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