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does anyone remember kaitlyn?

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omg guys i got some mean things to say about kaitlyn fwi RUDY!!!!! ya thats right kaitlyn was a f ucking GUY here is a chat log of HIM


Silent ASSassin: uh i dont think girls say "dude" or "sup" 0.o

|BtB-Pfc|Kaitlyn:umm ya..since i can trust u but dont tell no one but im a not a girl im just trying to get respect so i pretended to be a girl

|BtB-Pfc|Kaitlyn:plz dont tell

Silent ASSassin:EWWW omg ur nasty called earn it not that thats not right ur messed up

|BtB-Pfc|Kaitlyn:u would do the same thing if u were me

Silent ASSassin: i dont give a shit wat people think of me lol




i blocked him after that but he just removed me and never talked to me agin


PS: plz no one pretend to be a girl its just NOT RIGHT



i got this message after 3 weeks of knower him/her/it/shemale/IDK wtf he she or it is lmao



so just wanted to let u know becuse i dont want no one thinking that he is a she


and that pic becuse i saw that on the introducing thing and ya...thats a pic of his bro's GF and ya...he...is..messed...up...in...the..head!!!! just wanted to let u know! ;D



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You do realise that no pic means no proof right :thumb:


Im not saying that she is or isnt a girl but this proves nothing, as anyone can type text.

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Guest Vivian556


jk. O_o


I knew Kaitlyn was a guy. :O

No mic, Neato Picture, Profile says male.

lulz. >_

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lol worthless thread, personally why does it matter what someones gender is? If your the nub that is tryin to hit on girls on here then you deserve to end up flirting with a guy tbh. lol

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