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  1. THIS SONG IS ABOUT HIS SCOOTER IMO FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE SCOOTER ITSELF vvvvv this guy is dating melanie martinez and i love it
  2. well back on source we had "scrimstar" which was basically certain people who had permissions to change map, kick people, and start the match. idk why you guys saying sgsl wasn't popular on source i remember even not during tournament we would get scrims together fairly often. i think why the server isn't populated as much is because of matchmaking being quicker/easier. when i got a scrim going with a couple other people the other day everyone was just basically throwing and not taking it seriously. i guess that aspect has to do with majority of people not active in competitive and kids who jump on the troll bandwagon. i was looking at the steam groups announcements and barely any continuity among them.
  3. love your customizations miche i would pay u for one
  4. why is the scrim server dead? back in source we would scrim all the time no matter the season. i would like to help promote/facilitate scrims
  5. What type of image do you need? Signature Size? 500x140 ..... 500x225 (or around there) Character? similar or same to the babe in photo below Render? (larger) Color Scheme? (Optional) neon pink/purple/orange/yellow/blue additional details: my name "skitz0" or "skitzophranic" on it somewhere. also in the style of vaporwave some lines and whatnot
  6. r u alive

    1. floffypus


      I am alive. Sadly not much time to hang around here anymore.

    2. skitzophranic


      do you make art still

  7. a white man should never be in a position of power, honestly no MAN should have power. thanks for the invite