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Playing as a Guard

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Well a few things that everyone should know before they play as guards:


1. KNOW where vents, cell opens, and teleporters are. (Know where the teleporters go!)


2. Keep an eye on the kill notices. When a T kills someone, remember their names and if you see them, kill them. If they whine, just laugh at them for trying to be sneaky little bastards.


3. If a person is running with a primary out or on the shoulder, insta-kill them. They can kill you, so kill them first.


4. Always keep your distance. Guns don't have alliances.


5. Don't warn shot too much, but be firm in not letting people heal when shot.


6. Annoying the prisoners too much will make them more likely to rebel.


7. Camping armory or vents is stupid. You'll get zerg'd and you have done nothing to help control the prisoners.

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