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Well today i attempted to get onto thepiratebay.org and it seems that i cannot and i am highly pissed. So i wanted to see some piratebay news and what the hub bub is about and it turns out that thepiratebay was shut down over in the netherlands. So Global Gaming Factory X decided to buy it and now something is going on and i am PISSED


The Pirate Bay tracks half the world’s torrents and it’s getting sold, which might be viewed as a bit of a disaster for the BitTorrent world. But The Pirate Bay isn’t really needed anymore, GGF can have it in August as planned and not much will change. All of the torrents will survive and carry on working. It’s time to pirate The Pirate Bay.


It seems increasingly likely that The Pirate Bay will be sold to Global Gaming Factory X and unless you’ve been on the moon – which maybe Fredrik Neij has – you won’t need reminding of thedetail.


Many have feared the sale would mean the death of half the world’s torrents, that BitTorrent would possibly come to a grinding halt. However, this is the Internet, the place where data flows at mindblowing speeds over vast areas, where the individual is empowered beyond anything previously imagined. A place where even the mighty Pirate Bay can be copied, cloned and replaced in an instant.


In a new move, right now every .torrent file downloaded from The Pirate Bay not only includes the announce URL of their own tracker (that will presumably be turned off after the sale), but also the announce URL of the newly launched OpenBitTorrent tracker.


When asked about the development, Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde told TorrentFreak that they have always been willing to support open initiatives such as the OBT tracker, projects that make BitTorrent a little more redundant.


The addition of the new announce URL means that even if The Pirate Bay tracker goes down, all torrents downloaded from now on will continue to work by using the OpenBitTorrent tracker.


But of course that’s just a small part of the problem. A more pressing issue is preserving the archive of torrents that are already there on TPB – if the site gets sold and someone presses the wrong button they could be lost forever. Sure there are other fragmented places where some of them can be obtained, but no definitive archive.


But there will be shortly. Cliff Haerden, a web hosting provider from Belgium, contacted TorrentFreak with his video which shows a technique for making offline copies of all The Pirate Bay’s torrents – or indeed the torrents from any other accessible website. Cliff told TorrentFreak that after three night’s work he already has 730,000 of TPB’s torrents.


It’s inevitable that all of the torrents will turn up on BitTorrent at some point, then every BitTorrent user can have their own personal copy of The Pirate Bay archive.


Just don’t try to sell them for $7.8m, they aren’t worth that much without the domain name.

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And the first church of Bro! Bringing you salvation in the name of the Skank, The Stank, and the Holy Choad.


Communion is with protein/musclemilk and soy bars, the holy gesture is the shocker, and our pope wears a hat shaped like a jagerbomb. Priests look something like an oompah loompah with a fried onion on it's head.

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