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Well along time ago in my old clan a dear friend of many died in a crash.

So we all make a Siggy with a candle in it with soft music playing if you moved your mouse on the sig. So i have heard you need java or something.


Any help?

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This is done with HTML i believe.


There is a better way of doing it, but this is the one i can think of now.




Obvisiously it wouldn't be a website, but signatures allow HTML and forum posts don't.


The only problem is you can see the thing in the corner.

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Please don't have a signature with music... It'll get annoying fast. :

Unless it's specifically when you have your mouse over it, then ye'.


this is what we had for my friend that died. we move the mouse move and it turns on


so ya this is a bumb for links on how to do this

its called mouseover

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