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New Jersey and New York

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Yeah I am really bored but just saying there is nothing better then the east coast. Escpecially Northeast. Yeah I miss NJ and NY and there ain't no better place in the world, I'd rather be. Shout out for the best states in America NJ and NY! :love: :high5: I haven't met anyone that lived here and said they hated NY or NJ and people that have moved outta these two wonderful states have regretted it.

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I live in New Jersey, and quite frankly.. i dont like it. Maybe it's where i live, but the taxes are just horrible. My parents are struggling, and they are working hard to keep us going. New Jersey, even though its a small state, is one of the most expensive states. What makes it even worse is the fact that our dumbass Mayor in our town KEEPS ON BUILDING DAMN HOUSES! I hope you all know you have to pay money to the town in order for them to build houses. There are sooo many vacant houses in my town. Our Mayor needs to be assassinated. Does this guy honestly think we want to pay $300 for some bennies to come over and take over our beaches and towns? I used to live in Belmar, Momouth County, and every summer Florida, Californians, and Middle states people all come down to overcrowd the beach.


Sure, New Jersey and New York are beautiful, but if you think outside of the box.. you dont want to be here.

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I know what you mean there. I lived in NY my whole life and moved to TN. I really miss NY and there really isn't a better place to be. I absolutely love NY. :love:

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