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I am proud to announce some promotions within the higher ranks of SteamGamers. With these promotion comes the creation/reactivation of two ranks.


First off, we are promoting Cloud Strike and TCP-Kill to join the Board of Directors. Cloud, as many of you many know, did an excellent job as a Board of Director in the past and has found himself available to help the community once again. Cloud is in touch with the admins needs and knows how to mediate situation to make both parties happy. TCP has proven to this community that he is a very valuable asset by handling many situation while the board has been gone. In addition to helping make decision and handling problems he has proven to know just about everything needed to manage and run our servers. Congrats to both of you as we all know you will do a great job.


Venomous-Fate will now be our Administrative Manager. He has done an excellent job as our longest running Administrative Officer and knows the position in and out. Venomous also knows the struggle of keeping up with the Support Bucket and will be making sure things are handled in a timely fashion. In addition to that he will be helping the Board decide who to promote in the future. Below is a detailed list of his AM duties:

  • Manage Administrative Officer duties
  • Give monthly reviews to all current AO's
  • Assist Board of Directors on who to promote
  • Power to overturn AO decisions
  • Recommend removal of AO's based on performance
  • Train new Administrative Officers
  • Assist AO's when problems arise
  • Monitor support bucket to ensure quick resolutions
  • Assist with AO duties when other are on vacation
  • Issue player perma bans via request from SA's


Daze will be our very first Event Coordinator. Daze has done a great job managing special events like our BWGT. He will officially be in charge of BWGT events and other community scheduled events. Daze will also be managing the events for our Scrim League and Tournaments. Here is a full list of Daze's duties:

  • Manage/Promote special events on our servers
  • Monitor Scrim League and Tournaments
  • Handle match disputes within the SGSL
  • Monitor scrim servers for readiness and manage demo's
  • Remove teams from the scrim league who do not meet min. requirements
  • Make sure servers are ready for all special events
  • Schedule events to fill servers in need via the steam community


Please join me in congratulating those above for the great jobs they do and for promoting SteamGamers in a positive way.


With these promotions a few vacancies have opened so watch for more promotions to come soon. Good luck to all and thank you for everything you do.

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