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13th – 16th November

Newbury Racecourse, UK




Once again i find my self at another multiplay event. After I36 i was left wanting more and like last time i encourage you guys to join me. This time around we are at Newbury since it will be winter and shit cold, its 2 buildings over about 6 floors each with around 200 - 250 gamers. And since its Newbury that makes accommodation free unless you choose to camp for some odd reason.




These are special heated rooms dotted around the area were you can take a sleeping bag in and get some rest. They are free and can be used whenever you like of course they can be noisy and they will stink but its better than sleeping in a car/concrete hostel bed at I36.

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Just got a crazy vision of some random scrag head gamer waking up and hearing Cranks' heavy breathing while Cranks is whispering "Cranks is a sexy beast"

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While your asleep, some guy rubs his balls all over your face. :oh:


That would be the guys from TwistedPlay - they are always at the iGames.

And pumped up that it is back at newbury.

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