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- Respect admins and other players or get banned.

- No spamming of any kind (voice or chat).

- No racism of any kind will be tolerated (including racist names/sprays).

- No advertising other servers or clans.

- Admins can deem any spray they think unfit bannable from the server.

- Do not evade mutes by rejoining.

- No exploiting maps!

- Please DO NOT spawn camp!


After 5 years of development...(not really)

Hidden for Counter-Strike: Source is finally here.


It starts off where a "hidden", similar to a zombie, is randomly chosen from all the players who join the server. These hiddens - plural, yeah - have 100 health (except the first which has 200), are nearly invisible, can jump extraordinarily high, and move very fast.


They can infect others with just a swish of their knife, so it's best to stay in pairs of three or four. Humans have access to any weapon in CS:S except equipment, like nightvision or grenades, so it's really quite an even playing field.


If a human is infected, they become a hidden. If they die as a human or as a hidden, they respawn nearly instantly as a human, and have about 5 seconds of spawn protection time. So, if you're a hidden or a human and are camping a spawn, you will be warned and/or kicked or banned depending on the severity of the offense.


While all ZM maps from the Napalm server are going to be used on this server, barricading has been totally disabled. So, you're only real chance is to climb to high ground and keep a close eye out for those hidden. Anyone caught exploiting will be warned and/or kicked or banned.


So, feel free to give feedback, because we're going to need it. This mod is still in development, so all suggestions, comments, questions, and complaints are welcome, really.


Thanks for your time and enjoy!

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I've played it,excellent mod.It looks like Virus mod... ;).It is in my top10 favorite mods for Cs:s


Maybe you can change the sentence when you spawn as a Hidden.It says "you are a zombie now,eat some brains!" or something like that.You can change it to "You are the Hidden now,kick some asses!"

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u guys this rocks!! sounds like more to a regular zombie game where u just sit there and cade urselfs and shoot zombs. as soon as i get steam games on my pc again u can bet thats the first game im gonna try out.:biglaugh:

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Just redownloading everything for steam as i lose.


Will it always be a beta? I downloaded it ages ago, HSB4a, and now i am downloading the latest one which is merely HSB4b!!! Doesnt really seem worth it tbh.


The game itself is pretty awesome and have you not looked at screenies? There is no barricading...just some humans in the open getting very scared...


Edit: think i misread master chiefs post at first. Yes there is a lot mroe teamwork.


I thought there were custom maps but they could have been from HL2...never played the story.


I would love to play with you guys but it is a US based server so i will get a humoungous ping so unless you set ping limit to 250...but no. I dont like playing with that amount of latency especially when reactions are so important.

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