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lmfao!!!!!!! this is the funnest xfire chat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jesper: gegsgs

Jesper: lol fag

Jesper: **** you

jackblake: what did i ****in do?

Jesper: i dont know

Jesper: i thought you were a robot

Jesper: rofl

jackblake: o

jackblake: who r u

Jesper: im a fag

Jesper: wanna have sex?

jackblake: wtf

Jesper: lol

Jesper: where are yuo from

Jesper: you*

jackblake: liverpool england

Jesper: oh

Jesper: do you wanna meet up?

jackblake: where do u live

Jesper: liverpool

Jesper: we can have some sex

jackblake: no u don't

Jesper: im a girl

Jesper: im on my brothers computer

Jesper: yes i am m8

jackblake: u live in sweden

jackblake: o

Jesper: **** you

jackblake: r u a blonde

Jesper: yes

jackblake: cool

jackblake: u r not a girl

Jesper: yes i am

jackblake: show me a picture of u

jackblake: ur name is jesper

Jesper: im on my ****ing brothers account

jackblake: o

Jesper: i dont even know what this sit is

Jesper: annoying sound everytime i type a message

jackblake: cool

Jesper: how old are you

jackblake: how old r u?

Jesper: i asked you first

Jesper: and im 17

jackblake: o i am 15 in 35 days

Jesper: ok

Jesper: what do you look like

jackblake: well i am 6 feet 170 and i am athletic and i have brown hair and green eyes

jackblake: u?

Jesper: im blond (ofc)

Jesper: and im about 175 cm

Jesper: i go to dance lessons too

jackblake: sweet

jackblake: i play baseball and liverpool football which in use is called soccer

jackblake: usa

Jesper: ye i know

Jesper: football is fun to watch

jackblake: yeah

jackblake: but i like american football better but my highschool doesn't have it

Jesper: =/

Jesper: how do i change my name ?

jackblake: well

jackblake: go to tools option

Sandra: ahh

Sandra: i found it

jackblake: then go to nickname and then type ur name

Sandra: thank you =)

jackblake: np

jackblake: r u hot?

jackblake: r u sexy?

Sandra: well yea


Sandra: ^^

Sandra: do you have a gf?

jackblake: how big is ur **** size?

Sandra: :O

jackblake: how big r ur ****s?

jackblake: ?

Sandra: D cup ^^,

jackblake: nice

jackblake: very nice

Sandra: all the nerds inmy class are looking at me sometime

Sandra: strange looks

jackblake: show me a picture of u

Sandra: this is not my computer

jackblake: o

Sandra: but you can add my msn if you want to

jackblake: damn lol

Sandra: you want it?

jackblake: yeah

Sandra: ok ¨

jackblake: i want ur picture

jackblake: u sound nice and sexy

Sandra: thank you =)

jackblake: do u have a pic of u?

Sandra: yes

Sandra: on my computer

Sandra: im on my brothers laptop atm

jackblake: o

jackblake: well when u r on ur computer show me

Sandra: yea

jackblake: do u play sports or r u a cheerleader

Sandra: wait

Sandra: im gonna log on to my computer

jackblake: how tall r u ( in feet )

Sandra: i dont know feet

jackblake: o

Sandra: we have cm in sweden =/

jackblake: o

jackblake: metric system

jackblake: =/

jackblake: r u there

Sandra: yea

jackblake: ]tell me when u r on ur computer

Sandra: ok

jackblake: r u on ur computer?

Sandra: no

Sandra: still on laptop


jackblake: y r u not on ur computer?

Sandra: i will

Sandra: log on to it

jackblake: k

Sandra: i enjoy talking to you here ^^,

jackblake: ty

Sandra: its true

jackblake: yeah well ty and i like talking to u

Sandra: im the only one at home ^^

jackblake: nice

Sandra: so its fun to have someone to talk to

jackblake: r u a virgin

jackblake: still

jackblake: i am

jackblake: r u a virgin still?

Sandra: ive had sex once

jackblake: ok don't answer its all right

jackblake: o

Sandra: when i was 16

jackblake: did u like it

Sandra: it was ok i guess

jackblake: do u have a boyfriend?

Sandra: it was my first time though

Sandra: no not anymore we broke up 2 months ago

jackblake: i bet i could give u the best orgasm that u ever had in ur life and i could give u the best sexy ever and i could get u so horny so fast ^^ ( even though i never had sex )

Sandra: ^^

jackblake: i meant sex

jackblake: not sexy

jackblake: cuz u can't give sexy

Sandra: ye

Sandra: haha

jackblake: dude i wish i could meet u

Sandra: i am a girl you silly

jackblake: u know u said u had sex.... well was it a 1 night stand :O

jackblake: i know

jackblake: sorry

Sandra: haha np =)

jackblake: i forgot i wasn't talkin to 1 of my friends?

jackblake: was ur sex a 1 night stand?

Sandra: it was with my boyfriend

jackblake: o

Sandra: when i was 16

jackblake: how old was he?

Sandra: we broke up

jackblake: i know

Sandra: same age as me

jackblake: o

jackblake: was he nice to u

Sandra: yea

jackblake: i bet i am better looking than him and i bet i have a bigger cock then him

jackblake: ^^

Sandra: haha ^^,

jackblake: seriouslyt though i bet i do

Sandra: is it big?

Sandra: :p

jackblake: well ofc

Sandra: sorry for asking :I

jackblake: np

jackblake: do u like big cocks or small cocks like ur x bf?

Sandra: dont be like tat

Sandra: i like him

jackblake: sorry

Sandra: as a friend

jackblake: sorry

jackblake: sorry

Sandra: np

Sandra: as a friend though

jackblake: i thought u hate him cuz ur x sorry cuz most of my friends who r girls in liverpool they hated there x bf

jackblake: so i am sorry very sorry

Sandra: instead of hating eachother we decided to be friends

jackblake: k

jackblake: good and i am very very sorry for that rude comment

Sandra: its ok =)

jackblake: k

Sandra: what are you doing right now?

jackblake: well i am working out and talking to u

Sandra: really?

jackblake: yeah

Sandra: what do you mean with working out?

jackblake: but nothing extreme cuz i have a baseball game tomorrow

jackblake: like arm curls with 75 lbs. on each arm

Sandra: so you are a big guy?

jackblake: well i am not fat thats for sure... i am muscular and atheltic

jackblake: i only have 9% body fat'

jackblake: y

Sandra: i was just wondering ^^

jackblake: i can bench about 250

jackblake: 300 on a good day

Sandra: you seem like a nice guy thats why i asked

jackblake: i am talking to u now cuz i am done working out for 1 hour so i can know u more ^^

jackblake: what r u doing?

Sandra: just took a pic of myself with cellphone

jackblake: cool

jackblake: now what r u doing

Sandra: im gonna put it on my msn

Sandra: so you can see what i look like =D

jackblake: k

jackblake: tell me when u cqan show me a pic of u

Sandra: ok

Sandra: add my msn

jackblake: how

jackblake: how?

Sandra: ill log on now

Sandra: brb

jackblake: k

Sandra: to my computer

jackblake: tell me when u r ready?

Sandra: yes

jackblake: r u?

Sandra: sandra.lundshot@hotmail.com


Sandra: my email

jackblake: what do i do

Sandra: add me so i can send you a picture

jackblake: go there?

Sandra: add my msn

jackblake: how?

jackblake: sorry

jackblake: but how

Sandra: dont you have it?

jackblake: have msn mesenger?

Sandra: yes

Sandra: do you have it

jackblake: no

jackblake: yahoo messenger

Sandra: its the same

Sandra: i think

jackblake: im not sure

Sandra: no its not

Sandra: sorry

Sandra: wait

jackblake: np

Sandra: ill plug my cellphone to this computer

Sandra: wait 1 min

Sandra: i can send you my pic

Sandra: thru this thing

jackblake: u caN?

Sandra: yes

Sandra: i need to plug my cellphone to this computer

Sandra: 1 min

jackblake: K

Sandra: ok

Sandra: ive dont it noow

jackblake: what?

Sandra: accept the picture

Sandra: accept the picture?

jackblake: do it 1 more time i screwed up

jackblake: what do i do now

Sandra: what do you mean

Sandra: click on it

jackblake: u r ****in hot

jackblake: ^^

Sandra: thanks =D

jackblake: if we met and u would want sex i would say yes ^^

Sandra: sure

Sandra: but that would be a problem

Sandra: you live in england

jackblake: yeah

jackblake: i was gonna ask u something

jackblake: brb

jackblake: got to eat

Sandra: ok

jackblake: be on in 10 minutes

jackblake: then i got to tell u something then

Sandra: ok

jackblake: brb

jackblake: ok

jackblake: back

Sandra: wb

jackblake: i got to eat in 1 hour

jackblake: now

Sandra: why

Sandra: its in the middle of the night

jackblake: cuz i am not hungry

jackblake: i know

Sandra: ^^,

jackblake: i am hungry

jackblake: sorry

jackblake: ok i got to ask u a question

jackblake: nvm its kinda weird and u might hate me if i ask u so nvm

Sandra: no

Sandra: its ok

jackblake: ok

jackblake: should i ask anyway?

Sandra: yea

jackblake: don't be mad

Sandra: nono i wont

jackblake: can u take a picture of ur ****s for me and send it?

jackblake: plz?

jackblake: sorry i shouldn't of asj but if u said yes thay would be ok

jackblake: asked*

Sandra: let me think for a sec ^^

jackblake: k ^^

jackblake: tell me when u mad up ur mind

jackblake: ok?

Sandra: ok

jackblake: r u still thinking?

Sandra: ye =/

jackblake: don't rush though

Sandra: never done this before ^^

jackblake: k

jackblake: ^^

Sandra: ok then

jackblake: what?

Sandra: ill do it ^^

jackblake: ok ^^

Sandra: sorry if its bad quality

Sandra: but its my cellphone =/

Jack: wow ................................ N_I_C_E

Sandra: thanks

Jack: very nice ^^

Sandra: you are the 2nd person who has seen my ****s ^^

Jack: if u wanna give me anymore pictures it would be all tight with me

Jack: right*

Jack: i got to tell u something

Sandra: ok?

Jack: u r very beautiful and prettyy

Sandra: thank you

Jack: np

Jack: cuz its true

Jack: why r u alone?

Sandra: my parents is on a party and my brother is at a friends house

Jack: when do they get back?

Sandra: tmorrow probably

Jack: will u ever be on here again?

Jack: ?

Sandra: i doint know

Sandra: maybe

Jack: i am not going to ask u for anymore nude pictures cuz its rude ( but if u want to give me some nude picture like ur vagina ^^ , it will be all right with me )

Jack: ok?

Sandra: ok

Jack: well if u want to give me any kind of pictures u can

Jack: i promise i am not going to ask u for anymore nude pictures cuz its rude ( but if u want to give me some nude picture like ur vagina ^^ , it will be all right with me )

Jack: y r u not talking to me anymore?

Sandra: im thuinking

Jack: of?

Sandra: if im gonna post a pic

Jack: i am sorry i asked u for a picture of ur ****s cuz i think u might be mad at me

Jack: now

Sandra: no

Jack: ok ty ^^

Sandra: why would i send you a pic if i was mad at you

Jack: yeah ofc ur right ^^

Sandra: what are you doing right now

Jack: i am just talking to u and playing a game over the internet y?

Sandra: just askin g

Jack: o ok

Jack: what r u doing?

Sandra: touching myself ^^

Jack: lol ^^

Jack: then what r u gonna do after?

Sandra: you made me horny

Sandra: i dont know ^^

Jack: o ^^

Jack: ok

Sandra: ok

Sandra: ive ddone it

Jack: done what?

Sandra: sorry but its dark in my room ^^

Jack: wow very nice again

Jack: very nice

Jack: what were u gonna say?

Sandra: i was gonna ask if you like my body

Jack: ur body is very nice

Sandra: thank you

Jack: np cuz it is very true

Sandra: im horny

Sandra: are you?

Jack: yeah i got a boner

Sandra: really?

Jack: yeah i wouldn't lie

Sandra: are you gonna touch yourself?

Sandra: my guess is that you already are

Sandra: im touching my ****s right now

Sandra: im touching my vagina

Sandra: its wet

Jack: i am jacking off to all three of ur pics no offense

Sandra: dude

Sandra: im a guy

Jack: really?

Sandra: yes

Jack: wtf

Jack: y

Sandra: you ****ing sicko

Jack: dude u was jacking off to the girl pics u gave me

Jack: y would u do that?

Jack: wtf damn u

Jack: wtf is wrong with u?

Sandra: LOLOLOLOOL im bored xD

Sandra: never trust someone over the internet

Jack: where did u get the pics?

Jack: ?

Jack: where did u ****in get the pics

Sandra: why ?

Jack: just wondering

Jack: and who r they of?

Sandra: random hotties

Jack: who

Jack: o

Jack: well

Jack: i was jackin off to them not u

Jack: so i am not a sicko

Sandra: no

Jack: and how old r u really?

Sandra: but you are weird

Sandra: you dont tlak like a girl like that

Jack: what

Jack: i am a guy

Sandra: so

Sandra: you will never get laid

Sandra: if you act like that

Jack: well

Jack: i asked her nicely and i said she would get mad but she said she wouldn't so i asked hee

Jack: her

Sandra: im

Sandra: that girl

Sandra: retard

Jack: really?

Jack: u said u were a guy?

Sandra: i am

Jack: so what r u a girl or a guy?

Sandra: a guy

Jack: but u said u were that girl

Jack: i know

Jack: but whate ever

Sandra: ok

Sandra: ktxbye

Sandra: thanks for the entertainment

Jack: wait

Jack: how do u take some1 off ur frieds list

Sandra: lmao

Jack: how

Sandra: ill do it for you}


We got the pics of random sites 3 pix looking like the same girl lolol

lmao.gif i couldn't stop laughing

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LoL so funny. When I get bored I do that aswell on chat rooms or in a CS:S game. I remember me and a friend of mine Kate used to mess with kids like that in chat rooms. I think we did that all the time on pogo.com.


mmm i love the internetz and its ability to make me act like a hot girl : D

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