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DDR2 vs DDR3

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As I become more involved with computeras and technology in general, I wonder what the difference is between these two types of RAM (other than obviously one is newer than the other). Why is it the DDR3 is much more capable than DDR2, and why is it that RAM of the dual channel and tri channel types are faster than their slower counterparts?

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DDR 2 latency timings are faster ( the time it takes to move data from place A to place B )

DDR 2 Bandwidth generally maxes out at 800mhz (per specification), although it can be overclocked beyond this.


DDR 3 latency timings are slightly slower then DDR 2

DDR 3 By Specification supports 1333Mhz, Also which can be overclocked


Dual Channel and Triple Channel enable a memory controller to read points in ram simultaneously.

Normally a computer can only read one place in ram at a given point in CPU execution.

By creating a matched pair or triplet, The memory controller can guarantee each chip is running in sync, and provide a path to each. (Theoretically, this double's or triples the memories effective speed)


Note, DDR stands for double data rate, the actual clock frequency of the memory chips can be calculated by a divisor based on the memory technology. (SDRAM is at speed, DDR divide by 2, DDR2 divide by 4, DDR3 divide by 8). The reason for this, two memory operations at once, then double or quadruple the internal memory channels per technology.


DDR1 400mhz, DDR2 400mhz, and DDR3 400mhz.

DDR1 is 400MHz, DDR2 is 800MHz effective, and DDR3 is 1600MHz effective.


Hope that clears that up xD

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imo no reason to upgrade to ddr3 unless you're going for an i7 and some crazy ass gpu with it.


ddr2 is perfectly fine for another 1-2yrs


I have both types of RAM only because I bought DDR3 without first checking my motherboard if it supports it.

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