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Disabled cores

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First, I assume you have restarted, if you haven't do such.

Next, you should definitely try a system restore, it's the hassle-free way of unfucking your PC.


To disable a Core I assume your bios would also do the same, go into your bios and check the MIB (i figure it would be in there, of all places) and see if you can re-enable.


Anywho, gj fucking up your PC.

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When people say "disable a core" they usually mean hit ctrl+alt+del and stop a program from running on more than one core by going to the Affinity menu under rightclick on that program's process and unchecking everything after Core 0. Whoever told you to truly turn off the rest at the silicon... there's a good chance they were fkin with you.


GJ breaking it though.

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