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TF2 server is LIVE

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They said it couldn't be done, that spies would sap our servers! :spy: Well I am reporting MHHMMMMHMMMM, (thats mission success for you non Pyros)


I am pleased to announce that our TF2 24/7 Control point server is Operational. :high5:


We are currently running cp_warpath, and cp_orange_420_final. Thanks to those of you who helped me test it in various stages of completeness, and those of you who are already playing on it as I speak.


The server is considered fully live, and we are accepting suggestions for a few more interesting and balanced Control Point maps to add to the nomination list.


Please add to your list of favorites and join us in the fragfest that is to come.


Your overly caffeinated and sleep deprived TA




P.S. Liar, Liar, my pyro set your pants on FIRE! :flame:


P.P.S spies are sapping your dispensers.

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