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O.K. So I'm allowed to get a tattoo for my 16th. Yes I have found somewhere that will tattoo me with parental consent and yes my mother is going to come with me. Luckily she will be paying.


I wanted something on my shoulder. I'm stuck between a dragon or something tribal. So yeah some suggestions? My sister is going to be designing it for me. She stupid art all the way through high school and got A-levels and went to art college. So yeah she's good.


I just need some suggestions/ideas for what to actually get. I'm looking towards something tribal.


So eyeah I'd just like some suggestions.


Regards, Hotshot.


For any of you who are gonna say you'll regret it later in life. I really couldn't care less there are ways to get them removed. Peace OUT!

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Why not show your favoritism towards CSS? Get this tattooed:




lol. Some guy on the official steam forums did that, and I think it looked awesome.


If you didn't take above seriously: Tribal.

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My Opinion? Get this directly on your back, and walk around shirtless forever.




But if your to lame for that, and your only 2 choices are dragons or tribal, go with tribal. Although both are overdone and lacking in creativity. Better be some sick looking tribal art!

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