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Remove Resereved Slots

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im sorry i did not know that can happen. im such a noob and an idiot i feel bad

i did not know how things work in communities and css. i started css in 2009 July i think.

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please delete this thread.
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dude, some people donate $$$ to help support the servers, without people donating, there would be no SteamGamers, so people get a reserved slot as they help to pay for monthly cost of the running of the server.


Do you guys think its fair takeing peoples slot and they got there first?


yes, see above


(people who play in SG servers also the regs and mems have RIGHTS!)


yes, they have the right to join the servers and have fun, as if it wasnt for the donations, there would be no servers.



so stop the QQ!!


Thanks Tinkerbell

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Also: This is for SCRIM Questions and Suggestions, Jesus your blind.



Edit: You realize if there are no reserved slots, and some players are being racist, breaking rules, etc, with the server full, they can't fucking get in?

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Also a slot opens up almost every 5-10 minutes, go join some other server for awhile and have it set to join as soon as a server opens. Also no one has rights, only the higher ups. Your not entitled to anything since you joined the forum and got member and made 100 posts. You did something a lot of other people have done and is nothing special, so it has no special privileges.



Also get $20 and use your moms paypal.

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