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Counter-Strike Live Action Annual Event.  

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  1. 1. Counter-Strike Live Action Annual Event.

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Live Action Counter-Strike Event

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Hey guys,


I woke up this morning with an idea. Something that i think will turn out to be a shit ton of fun.


I have a collection of airsoft rifles, just about every airsoft gun they have made i own, and it wont be hard to get duplicates for this event. But i want to put together an annual event with live action Counter-Strike games. Bomb-Diffuse, Hostage Rescue, Zombie Mod, everything you can think of i will do for this 1 week of CRAZYNESS!


The event will be sponsored by Valve since the only way i can use "Live Action Counter-Strike" is if they ok it, Bud-K since i got most of my weapons from them, The Airsoft Manufactures, etc... and im sure they will want there hands in an international event like this. We will have music, games, food, vendors, etc... it will be just like a concert, except with more shooting :d


Just to give you a brief insite...


Airsoft guns are loaded with 6mm Paint Ball bullets so we have a way of telling who was hit during a firefight. Knifes will be covered in lipstick so that if your knifed it will show. Hostages in MY version will be given handguns upon rescue so they can defend themselves.


All in All this could shape up to be an epic event.


Any feedback will be Great!



Also, anyone that would like to assist in the setup of this event can contact me. Any help will be accepted with open arms.

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The idea itself sounds really fun..


Only one problem that I see is that we are spread out across multiple continents. I play paintball alot with a local group and even with people in the same state I have a hard time getting a set time that works and getting people to drive 2 hours away.. I just don't know how feasible it is for most of us to come to an event like that.

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hah good idea but not too sure about that red lipstick covered knives.. a bit too extreme maybe? i doubt anyone would wanna use knives in that setting. but hey u might get some maniacs pullin out some real knives to take it to the extreme :O

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