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We have removed mani mod from all our servers. Sourcemod and sourcebans is fully operational and running. Please post any thing that you would like looked into changing or adding to the servers. Some things may be possible and some may not. Source mod has basic admin commands but some of the "mani like" features will have to be re-added via sourcemod plugins. Below is the current missing features we are working on:



  • Add TK protection/punish (Mainly for Reg CSS)(0%)
  • Add votekick/voteban (0%)
  • Adjust freeze time and slap % (if possible)(0%)
  • Add Stat system to all ZM servers (currently working on pyshostats for all servers)(50%)
  • Look for a teleport feature (0%)
  • No Clip

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Are mapvotes fixed for the admin menu?


Dont think it was broken, it does it in a wierd way, when you select the option, you have to choose 5 maps for the vote, so you select 1 map, it adds that then select another and so on then it does the vote.

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lack of votekick/ban is incredibly irritating for those times when an admin is nowhere to be found, we had to listen to some dude screaming in russian for like 10 minutes (like constantly, he only stopped to inhale) before steel joined and booted him

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Freeze only works for a few sec (less than 10), then they are unthawed.


Slapping is not effective in seperating stuck players.


Higher values on both of these items would be nice. If they are adjustable.

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Is There A Possibility noclip or A noclip Like Feature Will Ever Be making A Return?

It is very useful for running ahead to find out the guy who keeps taking boats and to get to places where other players are accusing people of glitching.

As of right now, i always have to leave the server and come back in spectator to try and catch these guys.


On that Note A feature allowing admins to transfer themselves and others to CT, T And Spec would be nice as currently we have no way of doing this.

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