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Ok, here is my proposal of setting up a surf server. Ive been looking into it and thiers oinly one sv command to intergrate into the server to make you able to surf.


sv_airaccelerate 150


The server should NOT be a DM server nor RPG menu.


http://www.invision-gaming.co.uk/Counter-Strike-Source/Surf-Map-Servers-58.html (little explanation on what to do; when setting the server up)



Here are some of the maps; which are some of the best surf maps (my opinion).

Map list:

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Surf is pretty fun.. but I rarely see surf servers that have more than 8 players in them.. Guess my question is .. how many of us would play there? and will it draw in new players?

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You're missing out on a lot of maps if those are your favorites



Anyways i love long surf maps that are challenging.


Not just surf maps where if you fall you go to jail and theres an easy way to get you there.


Looooooooong maps are good maps :d

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Zombie surf sounds very fun. I used to play surf all the time before finding zombie mod. It'd be great if we could get a surf server. Zombie surf would be even better.




Sol :)

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