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Good Headset

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Im in search of a new headset nd wondered if you guys have any suggestions. No price limit, wireless is a plus, usb or jack.


Cheers W|LL

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If you need a mic, take a look at the Razer Baracuda, which is a massive thing with actual surround sound. I considered getting it, but you need either one of those digital audio slot things on your sound card or else space for like, six jacks (i plug in on the front of my computer, no room). Reviews are good. and they won't break the bank. They pressure you to get their audio card with the set, but i don't think its necessary if you have a good one.




Razers other headphone is not all too remarkable, just another gaming headset.


If you don't necessarily need a mic, get a good senheisser.

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ive paid $20 extra for 2 year warranty so i don't care now if they brake:) i have mouse keyboard and headset from barracuda very happy with

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sounds like a good idea getting a warranty


my Creative Fatal1ty set came with a warranty. I used it when i broke the cord. However, i wouldn't spend money on a warranty unless you paid over $100 for the headset.

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^^ I plan on getting a pair of these eventually...If I could ever push myself to spend $100+ on a headset xD


I spent $60 on Icemat Siberias

Don't get them, Medusa sponsored my old America's Army Cal-I team. The shit breaks easily and the warranty policy sucks ass. They wanted me to pay more for the shipping of the "free replacement" than the headphones were originally worth. I said fuck you and hung up on the owner. I would recommend sennheiser headphones, great quality and good policy. Or even razer would be good.... I use the razer sound card atm, tempted to try the headphones soon.

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I'm getting this tomorrow, the AX51: http://www.trittontechnologies.com/products/TRIAI712.htm


High-quality, but make sure you have a sound card that supports surround sound. I'll tell you how it is tomorrow.


But, I'd avoid this headset, the AXPC: http://www.trittontechnologies.com/products/TRIUA512.htm


It doesn't require a soundcard, just the USB connection, and it is surround sound complete with a lovely sounding bass. Very good for music and movies, but games... not so much. I'm trading the AXPC in tomorrow for the AX51 because I get static in games like Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 1942. Apparently the cause of the static is because the games use OpenAL for sound, and the AXPC's USB soundcard is not good with OpenAL. I talked with the tech support guy and he said it's affected very few people, but who knows. Good luck finding an adequate headset.

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