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so i guess i am an asshole.

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Well, i was just driving home and i was in a hurry. And there was this ambulance in front of me once i pulled out on the highway, so i followed him for a little bit, then once we hit the bridge i got on it and passed him at like 90 and he couldn't manage to keep up with me weaving through traffic. I can only imagine what the driver was thinking...

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yeeeaaaahhhh the driver could've just had the police run your plates and come arrest you



you got lucky :X


*E* I only say this because I care about your wellbeing :)

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well u will be an asshole until u get burned:) than u will start thinking different

2006 ive payed $2000 tickets 2007,2008 together $100

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Not to mention the fact that had you somehow caused an accident with the ambulance you could have not only killed yourself and those in the ambulance but also those the ambulance was going to help.

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