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Miami is getting rid of the homeless.

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Shockingly, it only took 108 years to realize that the homeless dont buy shit in the retail district and generally dont contribute to our tax base.

DC could really learn something about this...




I say put them on a plane with a chute, and toss them in the middle of the everglades. Lots of food, water, and wood to make a swiss-family-jenkins paradise where they can live efficiently and be out of sight.

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The homeless are sad people. They are also scary. Why put them on a desert island or hurt them or fight em'? I say we strap body armor on them, give them rifles and drop them in North Korea, Iran and any other country that gets in our way :)

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Meh. house them, feed them, and put them to work like in the New Deal.


They already are provided shelter and food.


There are plenty of job employment services for manual labor etc, they just don't want to work.

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