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Second round of promotions

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Guest barackobama

Due to the massive shake up of management, I have more promotions to announce.


The first promotion is TheBanHammer to the Board Of Directors.. TheBanHammer (HighSky) has been with us for a long time, he's done a EXTREMELY good job as AM, and I wanted to keep him as AM, because he's so good at it, but I feel he more than deserves BD.


His new duties will be;


  • Support/Build/Fix Servers
  • Approve Admin applications
  • Set up New Admin access
  • Manage Plugins/Server scripts
  • Issue admin warnings/punishments
  • Keep the community updated of any changes
  • Handle all Admin disputes
  • Plan for growth (website/servers)
  • Support Forum/plugins/logos
  • Support Ventrilo Channels/Admins
  • Grant access rights to Ventrilo
  • Research new mods/server ideas
  • Issue perm bans to players
  • Promote/Demote server admins
  • Manage all public relations/marketing/tournaments
  • Be a role model to all admins/setting by example
  • Manage payment collections/pay the bills
  • Manage AO staffing and responsibilities

... anything else that needs to be done


The second promotion goes to Jen, she will be taking on the position of Administrative Manager, Jen has been with us for a long time, and has been an AO for a while, and last year she was an AO also.. She's done a very good job on the servers, and dealing with all the requests from the community.


Her new duties will include;



  • AM manages the AO staff and makes sure they are doing the duties efficiently and in a timely manor. She also has a vote on who gets promoted within the AO ranks.
  • Manage Administrative Officer duties
  • Give monthly reviews to all current AO's
  • Assist Board of Directors on who to promote
  • Power to overturn AO decisions
  • Recommend removal of AO's based on performance
  • Train new Administrative Officers
  • Assist AO's when problems arise
  • Monitor support bucket to ensure quick resolutions
  • Assist with AO duties when other are on vacation
  • Issue player perma bans via request from SA's


For now, that's all the promotions. Join me in congratulating them.


P.S Ready for all the updates soon! this community is going to be rocking!!!!!!!!

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Congratz Highsky and Jen!Well deserved.



HS is more suited for AM, he does a extremely good job, and is aware of the situation, he is an asset to the community.


Nuh uh

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Congrats. Both of you deserve these promotions. Good luck!


Lets play a game in honor of these promotions. Pick which person said the following line.


"Ummmm Hey guys did you know that this guy has two forum accounts. He used to be a member of Ego where he got banned for TKing and on Tuesdays he likes to play Prison Break. He lives in California and has three dogs. Should we ban him?"


"I miss Litkey and Grim. Haggard is a sexy bitch."

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