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I did read something on the front page about someone going to set up a Minecraft server, but i guess that will be dodgy seeing its still in beta, as long as people still stick with Minecraft to the release i guess this will be a lot easier, its definitely something i would be interested in.

As for portal 2. Its quite a long way off at the moment, and we don't really have any idea how multiplayer will work? i got the feeling that it was more coop with two players. So it would be more like how Left 4 Dead servers work, except even less players :p

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Minecraft would be pretty fun to see online, especially with SG members that we all know!


Portal 2...haha good one. NO.


Team Fortress 2- Honestly, i say no because people dont really play TF2 servers, which means making an SG one is pointless. (not saying no one plays it, just not many would be on the server we made.)


Minecraft is a REALLY good thought though, so props to Neutron for mentioning it.

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