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  1. You move up quick

    1. Maniac


      This is the way bud! Miss ya tons homie, hope all is well with ya during these crazy times!

    2. matt


      Thanks dude! thing arnt too bad at the moment.  Its crazy that ive almost been a here for 10 years even though im inactive.  Sad to see the server population is doing so poorly these days.  So many new faces is pretty crazy lol. 

  2. Look at you now. 

    1. TheZZL


      This was only a year ago :classic_biggrin:

  3. Yeah well see how long it takes lol its been a little bit now.

  4. My lil bro has been pestering me non stop about it lol, hopefully we'll see you log onto steam in the near future

  5. Nothing at the moment. I don’t have access to my pc in my current living situation. Lol i do miss csgo a bit but im looking to try valorant.

  6. Shit in that case we gotta catch up bud, what you playing now a days?

  7. Lol i dont play csgo atm.

  8. We can social distance together on SG

  9. I would! But we quarantined yo!!!!!

  10. Come back to me matt

  11. Welcome to the club.
  12. How many Legends even play on SG servers anymore?
  13. Oh damn! Welcome back. I don’t frequent much but it’s nice to see ya back.