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New Hard Drive

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Recently my computer began to freeze randomly and my hard drive made a continuous clicking sound. Upon further research I found out that my hard drive is crapping out and I need to replace it. (Unless someone knows of a different fix for this.)


My questions to the more knowledgeable techies out there is what hard drives to you recommend I get.


Thanks for any help you can give me!

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caviar black 640GB has some of the best bench results from what I can remember reading.. of course for drives in its category...


I like WD but its a personal preference really...

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WD Fan here: I have a IDE WD drive that is from 2004 and still kicking, but i bought a sata 2 hdd a while back which is a WD Caviar Green 500GB.


I'd recommend jumping up on 640gb>

1TB is still pretty cheap so there's no harm in buying one now, I thought I would never use all of my 500gb hdd space and next thing I know im ripping and re-encoding about every dvd i can find.

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If you want a good 1TB drive I would highly suggest the Samsung F3. It is one of the fastest and most proven 1TB drives on the market today.




/Disagree'd 50% Doa's and then hard drive failures.


Do yourself a favor and get a Western Digital Caviar Black.



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