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Musical Genius.

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There this video i ended up watching.



Got me breathless.





How much potential does the human brain have?


I wouldn't say everyone is magically capable of "unlocking" their brain to do more.


People who are imbalanced in one area make up for it another. So autism + blindness = savant. I mean basically savants are just really good at one thing and deficient at a ton of other things.


Don't get me wrong, still cool.

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Like Sgt said.


Not being able to do so many things, makes you better at one thing in specific.


Not being able to walk, means your arms get bigger because you have to use them to use the wheelchair wheels. (Not great example but similar). Same with why the blind get better hearing.


It's cool, but it's not something we are capable of without losing the ability to do everything else, so our brain can focus on that alone.

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I dunno, I read somewhere (Read: in a possibly unreliable source) that by using some magnetic waves or some shit like that, that "savant-like" abilities can be created in individuals, for a small duration. I don't find it impossible seeing as we normally only use ~10% of our brains at any given moment, so even a small jump in that number would do a lot in increasing what people are capable of. I'm guessing that savants also use about 10%, it's just directed towards other activities.


But I find it hard to believe that not all people have the potential to get abilities like this. No one really understands the brain quite yet, so once we get a better understanding of how we think I'm sure a lot more will be possible. After all, that guy that the Rain Man was based off of could read two pages at a time (one with his left eye, the other with his right), at about 10 seconds per page. I wonder if I'll still be alive when we begin to truly understand how things like this can happen.

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